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Toward the end of the second season I realized there is another big thing that has drawn me to the show that it took me a while to see a constant theme across the solar system.

As a father, former leader in the military and someone who has been in leadership positions in the workplace, many times in life we have to make decisions based on our moral delineation of right and wrong. Many times we choose wrong and no matter if the choice was "wrong" or "right", there are always repercussions and our choices always affect others for good or ill. From the very beginning Holden make a decision to answer a distress call and that choice had serious side effects. This theme runs consistently through the series and was driven home to me when the Director of the UN had to decide to blow up the Mars Missile platforms, which resulted in 2 million people dying.

At that point in the show it dawned on me that this was an aspect that really spoke to me and was drawing me in. Leadership is hard and it always will be and leaders will always have to live with the decisions we make and that is true at any level, whether it is in our home, workplace, or government.

Folks, going into topics like sexual violence goes into the Worldly Talk area, let's please move away from that.

I just finished the third season last night. I admit the last 3-4 episodes got a little weird with the ring/protmolecule and it was losing me a little bit. Then with the final episode it kinda came back together and now it’s obvious that the series could go in a hundred different cool directions.
I’m going to take a little break and probably begin with episode 1 again and go back through it to catch some of the subtle things I may have missed the first time around.

Season 4 is supposed to be out by the end of this year. By that time, I'll be ready to rewatch it. For now, it's all new seasons of Barry, Veep and Game of Thrones for me.

I just googled this. Production for Season 4 has wrapped up and the show is expected to begin in early fall, although they have not posted the release date yet. The article said a trailer is supposed to be released at the San Diego Comic Con with more news to follow. I’m looking forward to it.

Nice! Me too!


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