World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

Latest Farland Update

Our World of Farland holiday update has come! This month we give you:
  • The maps of Anaria, Western Anaria, and Hildolf have been redone.
  • A new magic item, the Shield of Kassius, by our own Hamnier. Talk about a true "shield wall"...
  • Three new herbs: Capacin, Heshtail's Blessing, and Red Clover. Burn your foes, steel your will, and improve your luck.
  • A new feat, Herbalist. Make the most of the Farland herbalism system.
  • The elven king Baranwë the Tall, a powerful CR 13 eldritch knight.

Check it out here:

Happy holidays and game on!

Our first update of 2017 has been published! This month we bring you:
  • The map of Therolan, an elven village, has been redone.
  • The final installment of Part 2 of the Darmon chronicles, "The Sack of Norville": Can Darmon hold off the dark horde and save the town of Norville? By our own Agricolus!
  • The immortal highland hero, Darmon Stuart. He's a CR 10 warrior, but don't think he will be an easy opponent. He's a bit... hard to kill.
  • A new magic item, Slayer, the sword of Darmon Stuart. This sword is a she, and she has a mind of her own...
  • Three new herbs: Dithafoil, Mage's Cowl, and White Berry. One is a contraceptive, one protects from injury, and one is proof against cold.
  • New art, Dark Centaur. A bit racy...

Check it out here:

Have a great year and roll those bones!

Hmm....I think the Dark Centaur image just became my Iphone lock screen...

Statting of Dragonslayer and Darmon spot on. He can be killed, as well, by removing his head and not placing it where it can be reattached, as in the battle in Farland. But that can happen with anyone.

Great job, Farland!

Thanks, Agricolus. I'll add that info to Darmon.

This month we have a romantic, monster-filled Valentines Day update for you:
  • A new adventure for 19th to 20th level PCs, "Wizard's Isle." Can the party unlock the secret of the mists of time? This adventure was edited by our staff editor, drkrough.
  • A new monster, Drowned Dead. Don't let them touch you or your lungs will fill with water...
  • New art of the Drowned Dead, by our staff artist Tim Vargason.
  • A new NPC, the powerful and evil ruler of Stor-gris, Karoxfang. He's a CR 17 orc-demon.
  • A new NPC, Naglor Osbern, lord of Dragonspur City. Naglor is not your typical nobleman...

Check it out here:

Now game on!

The World of Farland's Ides of March update is here. It consists of:
  • A new monster, Burned Dead. One touch and the victim goes up in flames...
  • New art of the Burned Dead.
  • The map of Elder Daven City has been redone. Too bad the city is infested with the walking dead...
  • A new NPC, the rogue guildmaster Corfin Ack-Sembar. Don't turn your back on this guy...
  • Three new herbs, Braided Vines, Mandrake Root, and Sageroot. Drink these if you want to increase your athletic prowess, be poisoned or resist poison, or be healed. These are by our own Hamnier.

Check it out here:

Roll those bones!

The World of Farland's Easter update is here. It consists of:
  • A new monster, the Plaguesap Treant. A diseased treant that spreads disease...
  • New art of the Plaguesap Treant.
  • The map of Budum-Ishi has been redone. An egyptian-like city that holds a dark secret...
  • New fiction, "The Mists of Daven." An adventuring group lead by a half-elf paladin faces a grave danger. This one is by our own ChaosHarbinger!

Thanks to WhoEvrIWant2b and DRKRough for their skillful editing.

Check it out here:

Game on!


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