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Was not easy to find. But I believe my selected - UTSA "Purified Yoggs" got to the Semi-finals. Not sure how many extra packs that gets me - but I'll take however many. Good showing UTSA (San Antonio)

Quick question.
Does any one here actually enjoy playing against quest rogue?

Better question.
Does any one here actually enjoy playing quest rogue?

I mean the deck has no interaction at the start. Then by the time the quest is played, the only option left for the opponent is to concede.

I raged against it week 1, but now I don't think it's that big a deal.. If I'm playing against it, it's pretty easy to beat, just punch them in the face a bunch as they try and bounce things, don't let them have a board the turn before they play it.. And I don't mind playing it, though I haven't in a while (playing miracle priest)

I mean sometimes they get a god draw and there's not much you can do about it.. But you're playing Hearthstone, sometimes that just happens.

I agree with both. It is a bad deck, like freeze mage, in that it is non interactive. After they have said more than once they want more interaction. (Moving Conceal to Hall of Fame and maybe as part of Ice Lance / Power Overwhelming move and other times.)

It, and Quest Warrior, are the biggest reasons I've gone to Hunter. You have to be aggro to have a chance. (Or I guess freeze mage or something else yuck. Or Paladin which I am now seeing the most. Boo Equality and Brawl. I know Equality is only part of Muloc Paladin, get possibly 3 Tyrion Paladin and Lightlord, etc but I hate it and Brawl after several months of never seeing either.)

It's much rarer to see Quest Rogue because the meta is so aggro. But I do think it should at least be nerfed to 4,4 if cost is 4. Much more removal and minions could deal with. I think going to 5 cost would be rougher but I'd be ok. I have it but didn't win with it and don't like playing solitaire just about for 4 turns or so to see if I win. I think it's bad that mid cost has nearly no chance against it (other than Paladin or I guess Warrior.) It was a bad idea. And while I've found my solution in Hunter. Playing Shaman, which I'm glad we've moved away from ShamanStone, shows me how I don't like this meta. I'd prefer meta before w Pirate Warrior as king by a lot. Even without Golakka (I run two in my Hunter also helps vs rogue) you could go double acidic swamp oozes, etc and beat Pirate Warrior. But double Golakka in a mid cost won't beat Caverns.

I think it was a bad idea, build concept, on their part. As is unlimited Die Insect hero power reward. As is Take Another Turn and an infinite dmg combo. I like a lot of the new stuff. Like Elementals. Finding 'the right' mix for Shaman has frustrated me, but Elementals are new and unique and cool concept and cards. Several things as stated have disappointed me about new set. As someone asked on forums. Why so many new people? Someone said what i had in mind about it. - Shows you the game had been mostly fair up to this point / a lot of people who hadn't felt strongly enough about things to Post to Blizzard, decided to. Including me.

I have to say, while Quest Rogue and Warrior are annoying, Quest Freeze Mage is absolutely infuriating. I spent something like 7 rounds getting my minions frozen every round, only to be smacked down from full in one double turn.

Yes, Quest Mage is perhaps the worst of them all. But it's less the Quest itself. And more that it means stall cards like Frost Nova and Ice Block, and the cards to try to randomly get or discover them, can end up being effective even if no Alextraza and even if full health and even if tons of armor. I'd be ok w leaving the Quest as is and doing something about Frost Nova, Ice Block, and some way for there not to be an infinite dmg loop. (Perhaps the cost of Fireballs Antonidas provides cannot be reduced.) (*And giving Mage some better tempo play cards.)

Not a big fan or RNG (random... whatever - game effects). And gracious they have used some version of Yogg-Sauran - cast a spell as play a minion Brawl a LOT. But they are good for free to play / new players. Give them a place to come and try to win their Win X games with X Hero(es) Quests. And just play some games away from Casual (which can be a rough place) or Ranked.

The RNG (Random Number Generated) on this latest random brawl was absurd. I lost like, 5 games before I finally got my win.
The most frustrating one was where I was JUST about to win the next round and then his random spell was that one that heals everything by 30.... Snatched right out from under me...


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