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This week in video games...

Oh yeah I totally get why it's completely a fever pipe dream that will never happen unless someone invents a time machine basically, but a gal can dream about a world where her entertainment isn't politically correct history written by the winners propaganda right?

But then again, that's been going on since Shakespeare wrote Macbeth, so it's likely not going to change anytime soon. Hell I'd argue it's been going on since the Christians took over Ancient Rome and slaughtered all the Pagans, or as I like to call it "Holocaust Alpha Version".

To be fair, the Ancient Romans actually took over Christianity. Also, anything showing some sort of man made catastrophe could just take the exact same approach as CoD usually does and have you play as a victim. Everyone remembers No Russian because it had such a big deal made of it but they've been having first person player characters getting killed off for a while now. Hell, Captain Price ****ing murders everyone aboard the International Space Station with a nuclear missile in MW2.

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It is understandable given the nature of the sides. Though the Soviet Union would go on to be arguably far worse than Nazi Germany in terms of body count and oppression, making a video game where you play a Wermacht soldier or something who doesn't end up going AWOL or resenting the Nazi administration would get slammed as an endorsement of fascism. This would massively change the nature of the campaign, as you'd probably have to do what I mention before in a prior post.
Except Company of Heroes did it and they were showed as soldiers in, you know, a war. They showed the horrors made by the Soviets, they showed Nazi soldiers as soldiers, they do tend to show the American and British in a very positive way, but, we'll, you can't have it all.

Great. I hope more games follow that route.

Company of Heroes was an RTS though so it was inherently more exclusive in it's target audience. CoD is meant to be playable by anyone capable of grasping basic hand eye coordination even if they can't necessarily get really good at it. CoH requires a modicum of thinking.

We'll, from what I saw, they were discussing WWII games, not exactly RTS or FPS.

Originally Posted by RadicalD View Post
We'll, from what I saw, they were discussing WWII games, not exactly RTS or FPS.
Yes, and I'm pointing out why the comparison doesn't necessarily work that well.


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