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Sex, Lies and Reel to Reel Audiotape

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Secret '67

Secret '67 - Forum

London: A beautiful Soviet government representative offers to become a mole. A compromised intelligence officer faces one final dangerous mission in return for his freedom, while a nightclub owner must infiltrate a dangerous gang.

Berlin: As one intelligence officer takes a trip behind enemy lines to try to find out what happened to his comrade, another has a strange encounter with an East German policewoman.

The drumbeats of war are starting to sound in the Middle East and the Covert Action Team, tasked to gain intelligence on a major threat to the West, find themselves caught up in a labyrinth of deception.

Based around real events that shaped the world as we know it today, Secret '67 is a thrilling and tense ride into the height of the Cold War.

Due to a couple of dropouts, I've decided to re-advertise my 1960s spy game and seek new operatives for the world of Secret '67.

This will be a game operating on the grittier side of the spy fiction genre; those of you who have watched The Americans will be right at home.

I'm very open with character concepts within reason; I'll either work you into an existing plot or set one up for you. I can also answer any setting questions you have.

So, anyone want to join?

Game Description:

They called it the Summer of Love. Well, I can tell you, there wasn't much love in Peking, Saigon or Haifa. It might not have been close to all out war, but there was still very much a struggle between West and East for domination. Armies, guerillas, spies, propaganda. Lies and treachery the world over.

I should know, because I was there.

Secret '67 is an espionage roleplay set fifty years ago, during the Cold War between the US and the USSR. As the Sixties swung, both sides in this struggle competed for influence in an array of theatres, most notably in Vietnam, but in many other countries as well. When arms were not suitable, words and covert action would be used.

This freeform game revolves around a British-based Covert Action Team, whose mission is to conduct special operations for the Secret Intelligence Service and its allies around the world. With its operatives utilising an array of covers, CAT's job is to get in, do the job and get out.

It's a colourful yet dark world, where no-one is to be fully trusted and you should always have two escape plans - at least.

Put on your bell bottoms and unlock the Ford Cortina - it's time to enter the world of 60s espionage.

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Interested. Where would we place applications? Would you like to hash over concepts first or post directly into the applications thread?

If we could play KGB agents, I'd probably be interested, but this seems not to be the case.

@Sicarius07: Contact me via PM first, but introduce yourself in the OOC thread as well please.

@renjikuchiki1: You definitely could. In fact, I've got a plot idea in mind already.

Okay. I am out of town this weekend for a wedding but I will check in late Sunday

Originally Posted by Sicarius07 View Post
Okay. I am out of town this weekend for a wedding but I will check in late Sunday

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