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Exandria: Haven Cross Adventurer's Guild

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Help Wanted!

I'm looking for 4-6 characters willing to play with a first-time DM. I have a few modules lined up which should ideally take the party from levels 1 to 4, which I'll be trying to rework to fit within the Exandria (i.e. Critical Role) setting.

Character Creation Rules (and your related questions) here!
Applications here!

But in summary:

Application Deadline: 25 August 2018, 12:00AM EST

Starting Level: Level 1
Available Sources: All published content by Wizards (including UA, Plane Shift and Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron), as well as the Tal'Dorei Campaign Guide (use the latest rules on Beyond for Blood Hunter or Gunslinger, obviously).
Ability Score Generation: 4d6 drop lowest (roller code: 4d6v1)
Race: Any. Typically evil or chaotic races are...tolerated. Just don't try to destroy the party.
Alignment: Any non-evil.
Class: Anything from the available sources. UA Revised Ranger replaces PHB Ranger.

Game Description:

It all started with Nathaniel Haven.

Nathaniel Haven is the fifth son of the noble Haven family, a wealthy and influential family. Having his older brothers to ensure the family’s business and political interests, Nathaniel Haven was free from any expectations related to the future of his family, other than to proudly carry his name and never to fall into dishonor.

On his seventeenth birthday, his father allowed him to choose where to go, and promised to fund his expeditions with one condition; he would have to live in a safe place, somewhere his family could keep in touch and visit.

After consulting with the local scholars and listening to tales from traveling bards, the young Lord Haven made his choice. He decided where he would like to settle: far from any large civilization, in the intersection of two reasonably successful trading routes. It was the perfect spot for him; untamed, wild, yet, accessible. Even tough merchant caravans would cross the area carefully, and under heavy guard, it could not be considered a safe place to live.

40 years after Lord Haven and his companions first arrived in the outpost, and this is when our adventure takes place. The village prospers but the hardships of the wild lands nearby are well known to the populace; many have been born here. The guards are respected and loved by
the population. The adventurers are mostly seen as a helping hand in times of need, and are treated with respect and courtesy.

Most of the guards who first came to the outpost have retired or passed away, but many of their sons, and even grandsons, are now loyal, well trained fighters, serving Lord Haven. Those who settled in Haven Cross are mostly humans, but everyone is welcome. It is not uncommon to see Half-Orcs working in the taverns, Dwarves in the mines and forges, Half-Elf hunters, Gnome inventors...

And the guild welcomes all!

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I am also interested in this one. New to the website, so I'm just applying to campaigns as they pop up. I look forward to see what you think.

Hi, I'm new here. In fact, I registered expressly to apply for this game. I'll have an application & player sheet rolled up later today, complete with player image. Regards-

Originally Posted by Thrikreen View Post
Hi, I'm new here. In fact, I registered expressly to apply for this game. I'll have an application & player sheet rolled up later today, complete with player image. Regards-
I used OrcPub to generate this gnome paladin: (apologies, I can't post links because I'm new.)

I re-rolled once, but am not sure of their dice-rolling method. Happy to accept dice-rolls from the DM & revise this PC or make a new one.

The stats do look legit, but for clarity's sake, it would be best to make a new thread in the Applications folder with a new set of rolls.

If you haven't used the dice roller here, put the following line into one of your posts:

[R0ll="Stats"]6m4d6v1z[/roll] (replace R0ll with Roll).

For my barbarian, can I replace 2H axe(1d12 damage) with Maul(2d6), may I also take 2 light hammers(1d4) instead of the 2 Handaxes(1d6)?

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