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Come, join the Toy for fun with free room and board

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Come, join the Toy for fun with free room and board

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To day is your lucky day. You have been granted a learning contract to learn the in's and out's of space traiding on 'The Toy' with it's slogan 'Let's have fun'. History shows that this ship was started in the pre-war days with designs for an array of advanced features, was lost, found, and is now made space worthy.

It has just been completed and is looking for workers. There was the stipend that you had to bring your own Bioplastic space sute, but other than that you get 5% of the proffet you make from trade as well as room and board.

They even sent an automated robot to pick you up. There's the ships rear right now coming more into vew looking brand new with the rear of it's streamlined wings and a Halo around it like an angle that's been... spray painted?

As you get closer you notice that the slogan has been changed to -Let'#. Have fun. So that it better reads "The Toy-let. Have fun." The ship side is coming more into vew now and that halo thurns into a block of ice with some weapons and small spider web like chunks that you can only hope are computer parts.

You near the front and the ship doors open to reveal a lot of space and a bunch of random smaller ship parts swirling into the center so that it looks like it's being flushed. You notice that the door behind you never shut and a large person with a big dum smile comes walking to the ship, accompanied by another person who operates his outfit a little to use the radio and then turns on the speaker. "Hello, enjoy the trip? May as well come meet the crew, I doubt that ship is going anywhere."

The ship Starts to jump, the suddenly starts sparkling between the swirling lights outside and the ice inside"My name's Draco and this is Du,
The smiling oaf waves his hand Hi Nice to meet you. Let me show you around." Off in the background you hear some smoth singing as you head to the center, the doaf replys "That's bosse making pretty sounds" as he grabs a bar and starts banging against random things as they move on, which look like they've been banged on a lot. As you get closer to the center you hear some odd language chanting... The three oddly sound well together. That's colors, well hear you are, this is your spot. Just do me a favor and don't take the sute off, there is no oxigen. you look down and realize that the wooden board on the floor is clearly your bed and that there is clearly a lot of room in this "room and board job". You've been had.

Suddenly the gravty kicks and gos funky sorry! and you find yourself thinking as the lights and everything floating around makes you dizy, 'So this is what it's like to be flushed in a Toylet.'

'The Toy' has just been registered and insured, all that's left is for bosse to slap on the sticker and go.

If you want to come simply pick up a person and modify them a little, or make the new person who has chanced upon hard times and signed the 'HN Training contract for learning how to get rich quick.'

Your sure to learn something along the ride. However, weather it will be fun or a swirly through 'the toy-let' is up to you.

Game Description:

A, hopefully, fun spoof off of an amazing space game I found. Travel as one of the main crew in this zany, dangerous ride to strike it quick. I have round 1 of this likely 3 part

I'm missing parts 2 and 3, but I have the draft ready for ironing. Should that fail part 1 could stand alone, but I want to take you around to enjoy the in-depth and rich cultural that the creacter made.
saga to show that evin fools can survive, it is possible to have waky fun in space, and there is no such thing as to much detail for a good DM.

Mostly a friend, fellow DM said he made a game that had to much detail to actually make use of the game. This spoof is to prove that he in fact he made an amazing world, and to give me practice from his and others inspiration learning over the years. I will be making my own game as well because I think there wasn't sufficient detail for what I want to run off of for a good space game, so I will have to settle down with a single self made planet. PS. There is a wealth of detail he made for his players, which I am not sharing unless relivent for your character. If you came from that game please do not look for or spoil the details, I'm pretty sure I have let said details die down, and I would like to keep it that way.

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