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Evil Campaign: Fight for the Dead God

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Evil Campaign: Fight for the Dead God

The Darkness Within - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

I'm looking for four hard done by evil characters, with valid reasons for working together, and great reasons for exacting vengeance, who don't mind selling their soul for what they deem to be a worthy cause.
  • You can find character information here (Also above)
  • You can find the contract here
  • The first IC post here (Please don't respond unless accepted)
  • Information on Known Figures here
  • Allowed Sources here

Game Description:

After the wars have been waged, after the villains have been slaughtered, after the evil has been vanquished, after the heroes have won....

There are the trampled.

There are the families of those villains. The friends. The ones who saw the good in the "Villain". The ones who didn't hold it against their necromancer father for trying to bring back their mother. The ones who saw the justification in their neighbour trying to keep balance in the world instead of the light purifying all. The wives, the friends, the sons, the daughters....

Of the Murdered.

While the heroes celebrate their mass slaughter of the fallen... The sons and daughters of the vanquished rage quietly in the darkness. Tempering a seething hatred, sharpening it to a point, until finally... The darkness doesn't remain hidden anymore.

You are one of the wronged. You have lost someone dear to you. Someone who the heroes of the world considered evil, or ruthless. But someone who you valued beyond anything in this world. You could see their actions were not born out of malice. Why did they need to be slaughtered? Why could they not be reigned in, brought to see the better way of doing things.

Instead the "Heroes" do as heroes do....and slaughtered....everyone. The tales of the deaths were horrific...However the celebrations thereafter are what really drove that dagger deep into your heart. Such casual treatment of a mass slaughter.

Oh they've won, they take their position of worship amongst the blind commonfolk... But your day is come.

And so it was, when you were awoken in the middle of the night by a whisper from the Dead God's emissary, the Jester, you did not take more than a second to sign the contract he proffered.

Your soul, in return for vengeance.

Going to give this a little nudge since I got quite a number of applications in game forum but no interest shown here and I've always liked more choice Good concepts so far.

How long does this have?
It is always nice to see an evil campaign, I am a bit unsure with the political intrigue and building a war, but I may think about it. If anything, I could make a character that is somewhat under another or something, maybe.

Edit: Ah, looks at if this may be dead in the water perhaps. Too bad.

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