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Players of Older D&D and Clones

Originally Posted by Excior View Post
your right and Im basicaly talking about the outlaw Josey Wales that hand twisted God awful looking cigar lol
They are God awful.

Eastwood said he smoked them because they put him in a foul mood.

Originally Posted by Black Wyvern View Post
Eastwood said he smoked them because they put him in a foul mood.
Having been young and stupid enough to try one because, well, Josey Wales, I can see his point.

Hey old timers, I am in search of a cleric for a D&D B/X game,

Adventures in the Grand Duchy We are in the beginning part of B10 Nights Dark Terror. I have six others making their way through the Dymrak Forest and cleric player disappeared about a month ago. If I can forego the app process I would like to. If you're interested, give it a look and send me a PM.

Have started up a new game.. Return to the Keep on the Borderlands. Ad is here.

Taking a quick retro-player temperature here as I mull over potential games/plans: would there be any appetite for a by-the-book you-roll-a-1-HP-fighter-you-play-a-1-HP-fighter game of
Tentative notion is to do time-limited delves for a patron where the PC's have the first crack at various semi-randomly generated dungeons after which (when the PC's return to town) the patron would either send formal troops to loot the dungeon or seal it off, thereby sending the PC's on another, different crawl.
Labyrinth Lord? It pushes things more into dungeoncrawling as a kind of team sport which may not work best with PbP but I think it could be done . . .

Originally Posted by Black Wyvern View Post
Eastwood said he smoked them because they put him in a foul mood.
he put his name on them It came in a pack and belive they were called eastwoods.

Dungeon Crawl Classics

I personally don't consider DCC an old school game, but many people do. It's even listed under Old-School Revival (OSR) on I think it provides the old-school feeling that I used to have as a kid, so maybe it is? I don't know.

In any case, I have an advertisment up for a DCC game HERE. It's listed as a miscellaneous game because, as I said, I don't consider it old-school. But since some people do consider it old-school and because it was suggested in the thread that I let you guys know that an old-school style game is being advertised, I am here spreading the news.

A free copy of the Beta rules are available from Goodman Games website, if purchasing the game is a factor for you.

I'm starting a new game using one of the adventures printed in Dungeon Magazine, adapted to LL rules. If anyone is interested and has time for another game: LINK

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