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Anyone for PTU?

Here's hoping. I just didn't get into one with a character I really enjoyed the concept of so now I've got a solid hankering to get into a game with her. Though she will have to change a little for a normal game since most games wouldn't have mermaids...

Basically the game was going to be along the lines of rune factory/harvest moon which has several part animal/monster races. As a result my first app was going to be a sensitive farmer boy rabbit focusing on channeler/sage/grass ace. Most of the way through developing him I came upon the idea of a mermaid character with an oshawott as her knight and liked the idea enough that I started making her as well. With her I was rolling with maelstorm/dancer/survivialist and likely picking up ace trainer or something since while she had a water focus I wasn't sure about going water ace since there were plenty of singing/dancing styled pokemon that weren't water.

Had I had the mermaid character from the get go I probably would have combined some aspects of either character (I figured whichever one didn't get in would be an npc for the other) and made her channeler/dancer/maelstorm/something. Musician was really tempting but I was hitting a point where I was getting to many trainer combat classes.

I'd be willing to jump into a PTU type game. I'm a pretty big fan of pokemon and am currently playing my way through Ultra Moon (gotta catch em all!). I'd be honored to be able to apply!

I mentioned an already active game in need of a new GM over in GM Rescue, but we've gotten no volunteers.

PTU is especially difficult in the GM:Player ratio due to the lower players needed. A tradition D&D party is 4-6. A traditional Pokémon group is 1-3.

yea that doesnt help me looking for another game to play in lol. but good luck finding a GM for it. Unless you are cool with picking up a 5th player


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