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Mass Effect: Shadows War

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

The application process is now open.

Game Description:

This is Commander Shepard and this is my favorite game on Myth-Weavers... - shameless Paragon advertising

Application closing date is the 18th of November

I’ve been playing the 5th edition of D&D since it release, but mostly using its core rules for fantasy settings. But, when I found out that someone had created a rule set for the Mass Effect Universe, I was inspired and jumped right into game creation. The rules are well done - from what I’ve read so far, if there are irregularities or things we don’t agree on, we’ll just roll with the blows and improvise.

I encourage the “cool” factor and narrative over the rules. If you’re lying and I found you very convincing - so will the NPCs. If I really need a social skill roll, I’ll usually give bonuses or penalties to the roll depending on the quality of the interaction (secretly, of course).

What I’m looking for:
-A party of 4-5 characters maximum
-Players who can post regularly would be of preference (5 times on average per week)
-People with general knowledge of the Mass Effect Universe. Players who’ played the games should be more than fine. If you only played one or two games from the series, it’s ok ( I guess that I can forgive you :P - If you only played Andromeda, it’s not gonna be enough since the game is not in the same setting/timeline/galaxy.)
-I’d like us to have engaging roleplay that doesn’t drag on for days.
-I’m looking for characters that are either heroes or have the capacity of being one. I don’t care if the character is shady or is a ‘’krogan berserker who loves violence and money’’, I just expect the PC’s to do the right things when it’s time to get down to business. No need to be goody two shoes, just mind the hero aspect.
-It’s important to play characters who are team players. You must depend on each other to get the job done - so watch your sixs. After the player selection, we’ll have a sort of pre-grame where we will work on a basic “backstory” - how they come to know each other and perceive each other - it also gives players a chance to get a feel for their character.

Character creation:
-Follow the rules of the Mass Effect Players Handbook by the link provided. You start experimented (level 3), use the 27 point system of d&d 5th for stats and have the basic equipment of your class and background or roll the starting money of your race. Afterwards, if your character is selected, I may provide additional equipment to the character myself.
-You will all be playing as a group of bounty hunters, but keep in mind that your characters probably weren’t bounty hunters for their entire lives (or maybe they were, that’s totally up to you), you may choose your background as you please.
-No backstories may contain prestigious positions such as ex-N7, Specter (or ex-Specter) or stuffs like that. You could have been selected as a recruit for the N7 program, but never achieved the top tier (Just being recruited is considered a great achievement - even if you don’t have the N7 certification).

What are you going to play:
As mentioned earlier, the players will be bounty hunters for a company that is operating from the Citadel. The business is completely legal (bounty hunter licenses, personal and paramilitary weapon carrying permits and the like) and is quite successful so far. The company is still small, in its beginning stages with only three teams in operation along with some support staff and the occasional freelancers for temporary contracts when needed.

In 2172 CE, after a long period without any worthy bounty being given to your team - the pressure of unpaid bills piling up, it’s with a relief when you receive a new contract from the Sirta Foundation. One of their lead scientists has disappeared with important research data and is looking to sell it on the black market. The promise of credits is very good, in a way that’s almost suspicious, but the corporation’s reputation is irrefutable and the job seems simple enough. Usually when things are too simple, they almost always go wrong…

@Lwmons The 3 game rule was removed because many people mentioned that exact issue. So long as players can keep up the quota of 5 posts/per week on average there is no problem. Just thought you might wanna know, in case you were interested.

I had noticed, thanks. I have a few concepts brewing, though a part of me was still hesitant. I feel kinda guilty about Jeff changing his policy. I hadn't meant to imply my opinion should supersede his authority as GM.


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