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Netflix's Marvel Content

I just can't complain with a straight face about that show. Is it perfect? No, but then again, nothing really is. Is it better than almost every single tv show made about a superhero in my lifetime? I mean...yeah. Yeah, it is.

Iron Fist was bad. I get that. The second seasons of Jessica and Luke weren't terribly strong either. And The Defenders was a pretty high-profile flop, albeit with a few cool moments. But ragging on Daredevil just feels like looking a gift horse in the mouth to me.

You forgot the abomination that was Iron Fist.
The problem with The Defenders is that it was based on Iron Fist the worst aspects of season2 of DareDevil. By centering the plot on those, the whole thing was an unenjoyable mess.

Punisher series... didn't work for me. I understand that it is based on some of the more recent comics, but to me it was pretty dull and completely the wrong way to go.

The first season of DD was excellent. The hallway fight and the scene were Murdoch justifies his actions to Foggy are brilliant. The introduction of The Punisher in season 2 was extremely well done. If the show had continued with that quality, I'd be with everyone else in lamenting it being cancelled.
Season 3... Maybe it's a different experience if you binge watch it as opposed to just watching an episode every 2-3 nights.
Regardless, I'm done with the show. And I'm done with talking about it.


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