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Planer Travelers Companion Guide 5e

Planer Travelers Companion Guide 5e

Hi everyone! I'm currently working on a game expansion to go along with the high character level game "Agents of Sigil" that should be coming out within two weeks. The goal of the expansion is to extend high level play beyond level 20 and to give more options to players who start their characters out at higher levels without having to multiclass for said options. Hence this guide will introduce two new mechanics, Prestige Races and the advanced leveling system (the latter is still being worked on).

So far I have the prestige race system described and the first stage of the Deva Prestige Race written out and could use some feedback before I continue any further. Let me know what you think about the following and then feel free to suggest ideas and races you would like to see in the expansion:
Here is the start of Planer Travelers Companion Guide!
  • Does everything make sense clarity wise
  • Does the Deva's race description convey a vivid description of what a Deva should be?
  • Does the Deva race seem balanced at each stage?

Thank you in advanced and this post will be edited when I make significant advancements in the expansion that need feedback.

For the next round of feedback I will have added:
  • Artwork
  • Full Deva Prestige Race
  • Full TBA Prestige Race
  • Feats

Full Deva prestige race is available for review. It is not recommended that you test it in a game yet until it has been reviewed (I will make another post should it be thoroughly reviewed elsewhere).

I'm no expert on 5e, but isn't it supposed to be "Planar" when dealing with The Planes? Wikipedia has it as "Planar Races".

You are the real hero. Thank you for pointing that out. I may have bever noticed the problem otherwise.

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