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Requesting help designing a pantheon

Requesting help designing a pantheon

Hello everyone,

I'm currently putting together a pantheon for my custom campaign setting, and I've decided who/what the gods are as well as their domains and portfolios, what I am looking for is for the good people of the Weave to help me make sure that the abilities I'm giving them make sense, and that these abilities are roughly all on par with one another. All deities are in the Spoiler below.

I'm guessing this is for D&D 3.5 by the look of them. Have you read Dieties and Demigods for 3.5? That may provide some more in depth assistance.

And before i try and critique anything, how do you want your Gods to perform in game? Do you want them to be Gods like Zeus or Helios, or Gods like mortals who have gained incredible power and immortality ie: Glaucus? At the moment, i'd say you're closer to the latter.

I'm... looking for something half-way between the two I think. Mortals who ascended into something more in the far distant past, and became a part of the world itself. I am aware of the existent of Deities and Demigods, I'm using it to get any idea how to structure my deities, but I am largely trying to pretend it doesn't exist as far as designing their powers goes, because that's just one hot mess that can be killed with depressing ease by a well-built character.

If you're putting your gods in a position where they're making dice rolls against the players, something's usually already gone wrong.

Originally Posted by Viletta Vadim View Post
If you're putting your gods in a position where they're making dice rolls against the players, something's usually already gone wrong.
This is true. But it is also not the point.

Not sure what is the point.

These are gods. Codifying explicit personal abilities to this degree seems like a nonsensical workload for a task that makes little sense and has little return unless divine meddling is constant. Not something I recommend.

There are several instances of mortals defeating deities, whether in combat or in more peaceful contests, in Greek mythology.

Here's an example: Arachne beats Athena at weaving. This is particularly painful for Athena given that Athena is supposed to be particularly good at weaving.
The former would be one or more opposed rolls between the girls in D&D, and the latter would be represented most correctly by Athena having an ungodly (heh) Weaving modifier.

It makes less sense if your world has more a distant, inhuman, incomprehensible god the way Abrahamic religions paint their, but the Greek gods for instance were very much people for whom it would not be unreasonable to make statblocks.

Statblocks are a less reasonable model than handwavium and incidental DCs. The abilities of Greek gods are driven more by narrative causality than any form of consistency.

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