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Fate: macro actions for bad guys

Fate: macro actions for bad guys

So I've been working on a villains game using Fate core. In addition to the usual character scale actions I want to include a macro scale where pcs can take broad actions that represent their plotting and plans behind the scenes. I'll tie these actions to the same set of skills, of course. And I am looking to keep it simple along the same philosophy as core.

So far I have "research, development, infiltration and corruption" as general tactics they can be pursuing. Like approaches in FAE, perhaps. Thoughts?

I guess it comes down to, what is the end result of these mechanics? If Doktor Devil wants to debut his new Fiendish Freeze Gun, that just means moving around Stunts to refiguring Gear. That's spending Refresh, it doesn't need a new mechanic. If Omega wants to have his cult infiltrate some governmental agency so he gets benefits when interacting with it, the player should instead be invoking Cult of Omega to get those bonii. I'm not sure that there needs to be new mechanics for the

The intent is to give alternatives to 'attack, defend, overcome, create advantage' that are appropriate for large groups up to countries. Aspects can certainly inform how these are accomplished but aren't the same. The four standard actions could sort of apply but don't really mesh when you're also talking about dealing with the large scale. I'm in a game of Iron Edda which uses approaches to represent the mecha scale as opposed to the character scale, so I'm thinking of that as well.

You can probably roll research and development into one action and have some sort of defensive maneuver for territories already under their control. "Police" maybe?

Something like that but I wanted one to represent information gathering (ranging from gathering
knowledge to making scientific discoveries) and building resources (ranging from building super weapons to recruiting minions or building bases). I just thought of research and development as being those two things but theres likely better names for it.

If you want to represent a villainous organization taking action against a heroic one on a more abstract scale, I'd use the Fractal Rule to give Skills (or Approaches in this case) to their Legion of Tyranny or whatever they're a part of. In that regard... Things villains do.


That list has some overlap, but it seems competent.

That's a good list, and yeah that's my intention. Not sure how I would give their organizations the skills separate from their own. I would have to think about how to distribute that separately from character skills and how to give them the ability to build them.

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