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2017 MW Fantasy Football

Could have been much worse, imagine if he'd played Dion Lewis in the other RB spot.

Antonio Brown, out. Carson Wentz, out. And still I keep truckin' along in my league tournament.

I watched zero football yesterday because of travel and family, but when I laid my pretty little head down at night I happened to check my match-up against the #1 team in our league in our Finals match-up.

There was a note there...

"Merry Christmas, Basil. Don't worry, I can carry your entire fantasy team to victory.

Todd Gurley."

--- Now I'm just hoping that Le'Veon Bell doesn't match his performance tonight and I'm golden for winning the league! I'm up 50 with Jesse James (my last second Antonio-handcuff...) left. He's got Bell and Boswell.

Thanks Todd.

In all seriousness though, I think you should start Josie Wales over Jesse James

Congratulations to Gale's Naysayers, our MW League Champion! Your commissioner - myself - had to make things look good and make it seem like I wasn't fudging things on my own behalf. Which is why I decided to come in dead last this year.

Well done Commish. Like the softball team coach who bats themselves last. Preempts many a Lineup complaint.

Thank you. And thank you for everyone who participated this year. It was a good year for the Jewdebega teams... 1st, 3rd, and 4th (even after losing the #1 draft pick) place finishes.

After you all have had adequate time to lick your wounds, you can come back and try again next year. OOOOH YEAH!

Very nice! Pretty much domination wire to wire, nicely done!

Love the Macho Man too!


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