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Making a cleric/oracle NPC.

Making a cleric/oracle NPC.

I'm planning out a homebrew game and will be using a cleric/oracle gestalt for the BBEG. He worships Rovagug and is using the War and Rage domains. His stats are 14 Str, 18 Dex, 16 Con, 16 Int, 18 Wis, 16 Cha. He's level 15 and a member of my custom race. He gets Darkvision as a racial trait and +1 Natural Armor.

I'm trying to decide on a Mystery, Rage Power, and Curse.

For the Mysteries, I like Battle, Dragon, and Volcano. I'm leaning towards Blackened, Demonic, or Lich for the Curse.

With the War domain, I can use a Combat Feat I don't have for 15 rounds a day. I can use the feat Improved Critical in conjunction with the rage power Lesser Fey Blood. It works with both ranged and melee attacks. Or I could take a rage power that gives him a natural attack if I don't go with Dragon Mystery.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Dark Tapestry is nasty mystery. It has a bunch of nasty spells (e.g. black tentacles, feeblemind, insanity) that clerics and oracles do not normally have. There are only handful are interesting revelations in it, so take an spirit guide archetype. That will give him more spells, hexes, and abilities in exchange for 3 of his 5 revelations.

I've decided to go with the Battle Mystery. One of the revelations I like for it gives Weapon Focus, Greater Weapon Focus, and Improved Critical. Those don't apply to a natural attack, correct? I'll only be raging when I'm forced into melee and can't use spells without provoking anyway. Several rage powers give a natural attack and one of my custom race alternate traits also give natural attacks. Do I want to go that way and pick a different revelation, or do I pick a different type of rage power and use a weapon? Or do I use both a weapon and natural attacks? Using a weapon, I can get a bite, gore, tail, and/or single claw attack. Without a weapon, I can get 2 claw attacks as well as the others. The alternate trait gives a bite and 2 claw attacks.

Ok, I've chosen the revelations and the Lich curse. I'm also going with the weapon battleaxe. Now I just need to pick out the traits. What should I go with?

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