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Where Will the Winds of Crofall take you?

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Where Will the Winds of Crofall take you?

Secrets of Crofall - Forum

The Path is Yours to Define

This is a land in dire straits which side will you go with?

For this series of campaigns I will be looking for 3 groups (of 4-6 Players Each), who will be playing simultaneously within the 3 main countries of this land going on various explorations within and outside of your homeland. It is possible for your groups to indirectly or directly affect eachother as the games go along. Check out the Forum for information about character creation and about each of the three lands so you can make an informed decision if you choose to join.

Game Description:

~ The Secrets of Crofall ~


Well...I'm very new in this, but sounds really interesting! I'm in!

I hope there are no problems with the issue of being new in this system, although I have been reading pathfinder books for some time.

Originally Posted by freefallin1309 View Post
While this sounds great, a posting rate of once a week will likely kill the game, too slow. Most people on here want a daily rate. Not all, but most.

For sure


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