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Originally Posted by Lothmar View Post
RG - Nah I was thinking heavy shield. I thought there was a mention in it that if you used it in spear and shield fashion that you effectively choked back on it and couldn't use it as a reach.

While I dont normally attack in melee with my abysmal to hit and very low hp (and having to be healer) I just like the option to be there if I need to.
Shield Brace?

As for "choking back", there is also Weapon Trick for that.

Rg - Well hopefully i can find it when im home. Thanks for the input.
Fred - Kind of what im looking for but I dont like the feat tax on it.


I want to inter trophies from an outsider of the four major alignment and elemental types and keep them on the material plane. One because it sounded interesting for my cleric and my gm chuckled at the idea of this gaudy ass cardinal necklace with 4 blessed keepsakes and 4 variants of it that work for elementals and agreed it could be made so now it's just a mater of getting the pieces for this legacy item when we're more free to pursue projects.

I know with summons they generally just go back after you kill them.

This means I'd most likely have to have to go to a plane they're on, kill/convince a target to give a piece, inter it and then return to this plane correct?

Im trying to figure out under what circumstances an outsider will leave behind a corpse in the prime material, or at least enough to count as an interable trophy.

I mean I could be lazy and just use planar ally and try to negotiate payments on this plane~ but I'd prefer to keep costs down if I could.


@Lothmar. Any Conjuration (Calling) spell will bring the creature physically to the plane the spell is cast from. If they die during the duration of the spell they die for real and leave a corpse. According to the Advance Spell Search, there are only 13 Calling spells in all of PF and the only really useful ones you have already listed plus Gate. Cheapest way to achieve this would be the classic Candle of Invocation...but you also need to enlist the services of someone of an alignment to gate in the creature...then trust them not to bind it to kill you...

Originally Posted by Lothmar View Post
Fred - Kind of what im looking for but I dont like the feat tax on it.
Welcome to Pathfinder!


Changing your energy affinity doesn't change your creature type for spells/abilities that target you correct?
ex: If living bad guy has 'Necromantic affinity' and I channel negative energy to harm a living creature, does this heal him instead? Or would I have to channel negative energy targeting undead and to heal undead to effect this individual as a valid target?

Im assuming that any other channel related shenanigan feats that I can substitute the damage for an effect against an undead wouldn't work against a living person with this feat correct? ex: Shatter control, Turn undead, Command undead, etc.
Or would it simply treat them as an intelligent undead?

How would 'ghost vision gloves' interact with such an individual? Would I just be blind to them but could use the d12's for damage dice on channels assuming I could target the right square and hit?

The Necromantic Affinity feat is really poorly written. Because of that, the best answer to your questions is "ask your DM", as it will ultimately be up to them.

RAW, and because the Necromantic Affinity feat specifically mentions Inflict spells instead of using a wider description, your channel would hurt that person. Any other effect targeting Undead creatures would have no effect on them. The gloves wouldn't provide any benefit against that person either.

However, it could easily be argued that Negative Energy as a whole (and not just Inflict spells) shouldn't cause hit point loss for such a creature ; your Channel wouldn't heal it either, just as it wouldn't heal undead (Channel Negative energy either harms living creatures or heals undead, not both at the same time). That's probably RAI. On the other hand, that creature doesn't gain the Undead type, so it shouldn't be affected by anything specifically targetting undead, such as Turn/Command undead etc. The glove wouldn't detect it, making you blind to it, but you probably should be allowed to deal the d12 channel damage to it (as long as you find a way to target it, of course). But again, all of this is entirely up to your DM.

Necromantic Affinity explicitly only swaps Cure and Inflict spells. Against all other negative energy effects you get a +2 bonus to your saving throw.

Now arguably that's weirdly niche and you should just get all negative and positive energy flipped like an undead - consider 3.5's Tomb-Tainted Soul. But Pathfinder seems like like underwhelming feats with very narrow uses; at the least, this is somewhat handy for an evil Cleric who spontaneously casts Inflicts instead of Cures.


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