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Tempest - A Clash of Magic

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Tempest - A Clash of Magic

Tempest: A Clash of Magic - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 3e

Magic isn't hiding. It's railing against the prison of time like a crazed lunatic, and what's worse, is it's escaping.

Ancient families are seeing the return of their power. Old artifacts now thrum with new vigor. And creatures unseen for centuries or even millennia are walking in broad daylight.

The world of magic and mystery is starting to return to the modern earth. And the modern earth isn't ready for it. Those without magical talent, the sad majority of humanity, cannot see, understand, or remember their encounters with it. But magic is dangerous and growing. So those who have no idea of the newfound dangers in their midst need protection against it.

Those who can't defend themselves, those who don't even know that they need to be defended, those that are alone in the dark, now have protectors. The Special Investigations Unit is a new squad built for a world of emerging magic. Drawn from various backgrounds and extensive types of training these individuals step forward to protect civilians from the chaos of magic.

Who are you? And why have you joined the SIU?

System: Mutants and Masterminds 3e with some rule modifications

Power Level: PL 10 with 120 power points.

Magic in this Setting: Each character is allowed to have access to two elements. One must be spirit. The other can be Fire, Wind, Water, or Earth. Spirit allows for the interaction and memory of magically inclined beings. Those without spirit magic cannot remember encounters with magical creatures or objects. And will instead fill in the gaps of their memory with 'probable excuses' such as a gas explosion, or terrorist attack. The other elements allows for the manipulation and work of the element. A mixture of Spirit and the Element of choice allows for a variety of magical types and styles.

Setting The setting for this game is a modern day coastal city in the United States called Emerald Bay. Emerald Bay has several large parks, a thriving city center and a growing population. It also has a large crime rate and several dilapidated neighborhoods.

References: Dresden Files, Avatar: The last Airbender, Kaze No Stigma

Game Description:

The world of technology and magic have existed together but separate for thousands of years. Though as time passes, these two worlds clash together. Ordinary mortals are unaware of these clashes. Their minds clouded against the actions of the arcane. However, these clashes have become more and more frequent in recent years, and as magic resurfaces and bubbles through to reality, new actions need to be taken.

Those that are aware of magic have created new task forces to deal with mystic interference. But due to the variety and scope of the issue, have been forced to take on recruits of mystic persuasion, rather than just that of police and military.

The world itself is a modern-day city, with a hidden background of Kami, Fey, Witches, Warlocks, and other spectral beings.

No matter how difficult or absurd you make a puzzle, your players will find an even more impossible and preposterous way of solving it.
Hmm... interesting. Anti-fairy cage, that sounds cool.

OK so just to confirm, then, a concept similar to, say, a changeling, or a kitsune from certain kitsune stories, essentially wouldn't work?

By a changeling I mean a fey creature who is swapped with a human infant just after birth - but in this setting such a creature would be instantly-forgettable and so have difficulty functioning as a human... perhaps you could get away with it by saying that the forgetting effects are fairly minor so they just "have one of those faces", but this is an entirely magical creature so that feels like a stretch.

There are plenty of stories where a kitsune or a selkie or some similar fey creature marries a human and pretends to be human for a long time until discovered... would this be plausible if their human partner kept forgetting them? I'm sure there is also a story where the kitsune infiltrates the boss-man's household pretending to be a noblelady or similar and then seducing him - but this suggests being overt and well-known rather than forgettable, so would this also not work?

No worries if those things are just not options in this setting, of course.

Hmm... a "normal" character with an (unreliable) magic detector sounds like it could be fun. You'd have to hope your complication didn't kick in too often and leave you unable to notice magical things...

In my setting the kitsune and changeling were explanations for the awakening of mages. Especially since the children were known for causing damages and chaos rather than fitting in. Often the first generation of mage had a relation to a demon, or kami, or fey, but weren't 'related' per say. It was more of a kami or fey taking a liking to the magical potential of the child and being around them for imbuement.

ALSO, earlier times didn't have as much of the forgetting issues that we do today. Since magic was more common, more people interacted with it. And because more people interacted with it more could remember it.

OK, I thought that might be the case.

I guess what I'm asking is - would a character who, for example, is some kind of celebrity but is actually a magical creature (perhaps using his or her magical powers to boost their career - feels appropriate for some types of fey or a kitsune or similar) be infeasible as a concept? I'm just brainstorming here, trying to figure out where the line is so no worries either way.

Also, does that mean that "norms" could potentially learn to notice magical things somehow? Would that translate into them learning to harness spirit - or is that just not possible? Actually I guess mages and warlocks and things are just regular humans who've gained magical powers... but they presumably have access to spirit and possibly an element - is that an inborn thing or a thing which can be taught?

Consider humans to have magical atrophy. Like a muscle that's never been used they're never really aware of it. However, stimulus to the muscle (frequent direct interactions with magic) can make it actually usable. And the more use of it, allows it to be capable of different things. People who awaken to magic at a young age, (children in magical families, people who make contracts, etc) tend to have a better interaction with magic. But those who have no history but are 'forced to awaken' tend to have mental breakdowns as reality itself changes around them.

As for a celebrity, wouldn't happen. SIU is trying to keep a low profile at this time. They wouldn't interact with someone who is publically known unless they absolutely had to.

Actually that makes sense; if we're talking covert government agency, I can see them not wanting anything to do with anyone in the public eye or with links to the media or whatever. I was more wondering if that sort of a character would be possible as someone who could exist in the world, given the whole magic-amnesia thing.

Now I'm wondering about a non-magical human agent who's been specially trained to be able to interact with magic but constantly struggles because of... well, their atrophied magic muscles.

I think the issue is that in order to do anything with that training, they would need those muscles to have grown above the point of atrophy - Some kind of enchanted item might work in substitute (maybe?), but that still raises why the SIU would employ a person who starts forgetting their job aand co-workers as soon as the item is removed.

Originally Posted by Xerin View Post
Teleportation and Shapeshifting would both be a bit extreme. But you have the right idea. And I'd allow it if those were your characters focus with the magic.
Ooh, I've always liked the idea of teleportation. How much of a focus would you say is needed for it? Only teleportation, or just the majority? What element would it be? Air is my guess.

Teleportation doesn't really fit in with any direct element, so it would matter what medium you were using for teleporing. And it would have to fit the theme. If I felt that your character had spent enough time working with the elements they were given and had seen a way to bend reality even further than ordinary magic I would allow it.

Ah, so not something that'll be possible at the start. Still, a good goal to work toward.

How far does ordinary magic bend reality?


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