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Originally Posted by Raistlinmc View Post
So, after playing Hearthstone daily for nearly two years, my twins were born a week ago and I haven't logged on once.

As I said a few pages back, I'm currently on an unbeaten Arena run with a Warlock...and I can't help but admit that it's kinda nice enjoying that sort of success while not playing the game. It's like, "Should I log on and give it a go? Nah...the kids are gonna wake up any minute and really, who wants to mess with an unbeaten Arena run just to have it interrupted by a dirty diaper?"
Dirty Diapers and grumpy babies often interrupt play time. (Or worse, Grumpy Momma's ) anyway, I'd suggest right after you changed them for a quick three game run on your tablet. (And do put it down after three games, you will get interrupted soon after, knowing Mr. Murphy.)

Good advice. Now, let's see if I follow it...

I believe I will be crafting the new card, 'Mukla, Tyrant of the Vale'. Fits great with my buff deck theme. Works with Dragonkin Sorcerer and the wondertwins, as well as the Djinni of Zephyrs...

I am determined to make a buff deck work!

Depends on the class mostly. Hunter can get by with a bunch of spells/rare quality cards (relying on traps, animal companion early, and lack of viable heals) and just finishing with random 7+ minions. Druid can rely on innervate/wild growth/rampy cards and hope to win early.

Won't be able to pull of astral communion druid without a bunch of dust, but its still possible to win as a free player or newbie. Wouldn't recommend playing it a lot though unless you're a glutton for punishment.

Giants are king though, so a lot of games turn into winner is the one with mountain giants.

(I sadly don't have any, but I got decent use out of some clockwork giants).

I think Priest might be the way to go.. Mind Control and Resurrect seem like they'd be pretty good. Mindgames seems like it would be REALLY good. It's biggest fault is that you might pay 4 mana for a weak card, but in this brawl 4 Mana guarantees you a 7+ minion on the board..

To my point though 7+ minions of Rare or Common rarity:

Druid: Knight of the Wild, Ironbark Protector, Volcanic Lumberer
Hunter: None
Mage: None
Paladin: Guardian of Kings
Priest: None
Rogue: None
Shaman: None
Warlock: Fearsome Doomguard
Warrior: Obsidian Destroyer
Neutral: Captured Jormungar, Force-Tank Max, Fossilized Devilsaur, North Sea Kraken, Ravenholt Assassin, Core Hound, War Golem, Stormwind Champion

Definitely slim pickings...

Thanks for mentioning Druid. I likely would have simply avoided it, as I only have Basic and Classic/Expert cards, but took a look.
Had an Ancient of War to go with the two Ironbark. And put in all 6 (2 each) of the only 7 cost Neutrals I had. (No Mountains.)
Thankfully was matched vs a Paladin. Kept using Shapeshift to dispatch his Recruits. Wild Growth along with once. Then w Innervate for early Ironbark. He truly played well. Made the Ironbark have 1 attack. But in that game, Naturalize is very worth it. He did a big, Blessing of Kings blessed Ravenholt Assasin to hit me. And played some Secrets and Equality / Consecration well. Glad I got the win and the pack. Interesting. Slow game. I'll take the 1 for 1 and be done for that Brawl I believe.

I think the big thing is that the fact that its 7+ minions is a trap. 1-6 minions are all banned, but 1-6 spells aren't. So if you want a half-decent curve without a lot of passing you want a huge amount of spells in your deck (since chances are you won't have the time to use all those huge minions in your hand).

For instance, in my druid deck I put two raven idol. Turn 1, pick up a minion that chances are will be uncontested for 3 or 4 turns easily. Hunter can go crazy with animal companion and trap setup, mage can try portal, or priest can Mind Games (for probably the best result).

The trick isn't so much to have the best huge minions, but to steal the tempo with specific cards before the people with the best big minions can take over.

Power of the Wild, I just saw against me, can be played to play a 3/2 minion since it is a Spell. Adding that in for my Druid. And playing again. Doing fairly well. So much for just getting my one pack and moving on.

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