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@mentions and Quote Alerts

@mentions and Quote Alerts

Earlier today I soft-rolled User @mentions and Quote alerts - the goal being to provide a fairly standard quality-of-life feature that people have come to expect with online communities, and also to help increase engagement and provide a tool to 'tag' whomever needs to post in a thread.

Both send emails and provide forum notifications, and will attempt to use the browser's desktop notifications (if the user has opted to allow them)

A record of mentions and quotes shows up in a user's profile - these will filter out content from private threads, tags, and private games.

If there's a good response we can make further tweaks to it, including opt-out settings for the notifications and improvements to the notification display, and maybe an @here (which tags everyone who has posted in some time frame) or additional @mention groups for gms, players, all game members, etc

Yeah... that's actually kind of annoying since it keeps making me think I have new PM's. An opt-out setting would be nice.

If you guys could work it into the control panel, that'd make things much easier for me. When I saw the notification, I was on my phone, and couldn't bring down the drop-down menu for some reason.

And as Sage suggested, an opt-out would not be a bad idea.

Originally Posted by Rodrigo View Post
@SageBahamut there are now options for disabling the email notifications - let me know if they keep coming? https://www.myth-weavers.com/profile.php?do=editoptions
Done, and thank you, but, I don't know if this was the opt-out I was looking for. I've never actually received an email from this site; I'm not even sure which email it's connected to, probably one I don't even have anymore.

What I was hoping for was to opt out of receiving this entirely. To go back to before this was implemented at all. I don't want the little "you've got mail" thing on this site lighting up because of this.

Yeah, I'm with Sage on this one. While it's a nice feature I understand it's usefulness for others, I've never had trouble finding posts directed at me so this is kind of just something I have to clear as a chore so I can see when I actually have a PM.

@SageBahamut @Witchslasher Would it be enough to have separate icons for private messages and for notifications, so they're not conflated? If not I'll see what I can do about a global mute.

My first reflex is to say I would prefer a global mute, but separate icons would be a good intermediate step, if that's easier to arrange than a global mute.

I'm not sold on it, but I also don't want to be a squeaky wheel if I'm the only one.


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