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Optimizing Pamela Chalice

Optimizing Pamela Chalice

Hey everyone. I'm wanted to optimized Pamela Chalice who's a Netural Good Female Human Psion. Here's her character sheet: https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=1104865 She one of the most better optimized compare to the last two character I used in the game. So this is my third character that I'm currently used as of right now. So basically I'm going to use her powers to caused some serious damage to demons. And the power Vigor is one of the best defensive powers I found so far. So there anything you want my character to improve to higher levels. Feel free to comment.

Psions are pretty cool. As a Kineticist and someone who appears to be doing the Psionic Shot thing, it looks like you're aiming to blast. Blasting is not so great but on the upside Psions are pretty decent at it.

You have loads of blasting powers. You have both Crystal Shard and Energy Ray, but also Mind Thrust, Energy Push, Energy Stun, Concussion Blast, Recall Agony, etc. OK, Mind Thrust is a mental attack resisted by Will and Concussion Blast is hardly resisted by anything, but you're spending a lot of resources just to cover your bases. I'd far rather have Psionic Grease, Entangling Ectoplasm, Inertial Armour, Ego Whip, whatever.

If you're going with Psionic Shot, your main attack will be rays. At this level, it's 1/encounter but at L5 you get Psionic Meditation so it's every round. So don't take much other than Crystal Shard and/or Energy Ray. If the un-CPsi-nerfed version is in play, Energy Stun gets really high DCs at high levels and I do like Energy Push but as a Kineticist I'd probably grab Energy Missile (one of the better blasts - and otherwise, why are you a Kineticist?). More than that is overkill. You're a Psion who, like a Sorcerer, has very limited spells/powers known. Diversify! You need to make a small number of picks go as far as possible.

Wisdom - Uh-oh, you only have Wis 10. This is bad because whilst Psions don't much care about Wisdom, Psionic Meditation needs 13. Without PsyMed, you don't really want to be using Psionic Shot (it's just not worth it).

Psionic Body - it's not that great, especially when one of your feats is non-psionic. If you're, say, a L2 PsyWar with flaws then it's pretty nice until you get to higher levels, but I'd rather have something else. Consider Psycrystal Affinity or Overchannel.

Share Pain - there's a classic combo with Vigour and a Psicrystal here. As a DM, I'd want to introduce some kind of rule which doesn't give you double Vigour through Share Powers (say, you share the one pool of temp hp, PF-style) but most will let this work, and it can make you pretty tanky.

Inertial Armour - at this level, so-so, but at higher levels the augmentation means you can get crazy-high unarmoured AC. It's better than Mage Armour. If you have space I'd want to grab this.

Dissipating Touch - why would you take this? You fight like a girl - who spent all her time reading instead of doing sports (funny, that) - and this requires a melee touch attack, and doesn't actually do any more damage than your other powers, and doesn't benefit from your feats.

Gear - you really going to try and hit someone with that spear? It's a bit more pricey, but a dorje of Entangling Ectoplasm makes a much better backup - in fact this is better than having it as a power known, since it doesn't benefit much from a high PL or Int. Also Crawling Tattoos of Entangling Ectoplasm are awesome. If you're paranoid, grab a Power Stone of Synesthete as well. In general, having a few power stones is a good idea. Control Object is another handy one (need to steal a key? distract a foe? etc). Mostly though you want to save up for a +Int item. Note that you can use armour and shields without worrying about ASF - you want the ACP to be 0, ideally, but it's not actually that big a deal. Mithral shirt and mithral/darkwood buckler should be on your list (though Inertial Armour eventually beats out the first).

Anyway, the biggest thing here is I think the number of blasting powers she has. She'll probably function just fine in a not-super-optimised party but you're wasting a lot by picking up so many things which are so similar.

If you're trying for generic optimization, Kineticist is generally considered a poor choice.
If you're trying specifically for optimized damage output, both Energy Push and Energy Stun compare poorly to Energy Missile (from the Kineticist powers list).
Either way, you almost certainly don't need all 4 of Concussion Blast, Energy Push, Energy Stun and Recall Agony.

I would recommend you pick at most 2 directly-offensive powers of most levels, using the remaining 2-3 powrs for utility effects, defenses, and buffs.

I say 'powers of most levels', because I would typically advise against any direct-damage powers of 1st level. They're not very good. Dealing meaningful damage with them costs no fewer power points than dealing the same damage with your higher level powers. Non-damaging options like Ectoplasmic Sheen outperform them to a ridiculous degree.
Unless you're dead-set on using Psionic Shot in combination with one of your ranged touch powers, I recommend dropping all of the 1st lvl damage powers. And even then, Dissipating Touch and Mind Thrust are just excessive.

Among 2nd lvl powers, Specified Energy Adaptation is great for defense, and Minor Metamorphosis packs a load of utility for minimal opportunity cost.

I'm glad you've noted the awesomeness that is Vigor, but were you aware that you can make it TWICE as awesome for relatively low cost?
Combine it with Psicrystal Affinity and Share Pain for best results. The Share Powers ability of the psicrystal allows it to benefit from Vigor, for free, whenever you use it on yourself while it is within 5' of you. Share Pain then causes damage you would take to instead be split between the psicrystal and you, thus having to burn through the temporary hit points of Vigor twice over before actually getting to your own precious and scant HPs.

Or just listen to TheFred, his advice is probably better, definitely more complete&accurate

Eh, you basically said similar things to me.

At first level, 1d6+1 from Energy Ray with 2d6 Psionic Shot and +1 PBS gives you 12.5 damage average once per encounter for a single power point, if it hits. That's not too shabby, especially since you can vary the energy type. You also have more L1 powers so you can probably spare one (though, the L2 powers are kind of underwhelming so taking Missile, Stun or Push does not really hurt).

I think Minor Metamorphosis is a Dreamscarred/Pathfinder one only. Anything which gives you a bit more utility is a good choice, however.

Thank you for the honesty both of you. It's really not a bad optimized character. I hope I get better luck with this character. Anything else?

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