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Isekai: Toto, we are not on Earth anymore!

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Isekai: Toto, we are not on Earth anymore!

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Looking for five players to take part in a fun fantasy adventure, similar to The Wizard of Oz, Chronicles of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, and many Isekai anime/manga.

My posting requirements is just at least one post a week.

Application due date is on August 7th! If the number of applications being posted stops to a halt for a week, then I'll get straight to choosing the players, and get the game started.

Looking forward to seeing your applications! ^_^

Game Description:

We've all heard similar stories. Stories of people who find themselves in strange and unusual worlds where everything imagined is real. We hear of tales of adventure and magic, where the otherworld-ers fight off evil and save the world (or worlds, whichever the story required). Of course, such fantastic events can never happen in reality, right?


You, an average joe/jane, from somewhere on Earth in the year 2018, accidentally stumbled onto some kind of portal or item, and you find yourself in the wilderness of a new and completely different world! How did you get here? Why are you here? And most importantly, What will you do now?

Welcome to Krioka!



I once ran a game with earthlings transported to another world, I ran it because I secretly wanted to play something like this... *runs to the forum to check it out and hopes she has time to put in an app!*

before I get my heart too set on applying, I am away with no internet access from 6th to the 12th august, is there some grace period between apps closing and game starting if I was lucky enough to be selected? Or will this be a non starter? actually got the dates wrong so not an issue

Awesome, expect an app in then. *does little happy dance*

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