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A Question of Copyright

A Question of Copyright

Sorry if this is the wrong place. But I don't want to violate ToS. What is site policy on publishing maps and such from books?
Photocopying them for a RL group would be no big deal, but how does that translate into publicly available site such as this?

Again, sorry if this is in the wrong spot, and if it has been answered before...

Most recent discussion with good summary.

tl;dr: Unless you have written permission from the publisher that says you can redistribute it (which is effectively what you are doing by posting it on a forum, private tags or no), please don't post it. We aren't interested in cease-and-desist orders and will take swift action.

In that case, should I remove the maps from my map threads found here and here?

Similarly, the maps found in posts such as this and this?

Lastly, what of the NPC images found in this thread? Should I remove those, as well?

@Veradux As per Paizo here, they are utilizing the Wizards OGL. So unless the books/pdfs those are from have allowances within the book or you have specific permission from Paizo to utilize it in such a fashion, yes, please remove them immediately.

The linked thread Eric dropped above goes into specifics of the Wizards of the Coast OGL.

I'll start by stating that I ran all of the following and all discussion previously up with a contract lawyer who I happen to live with. Sometimes family is a good thing, no?
Also corroborated with Colin.

Full disclosure: I was at first gonna be a butt about the whole thing, as was the intent of my previous. A sort of "well, really now? Even these?"
And then I took a good deep look and had a serious Oh no. Oh <redacted> moment.

Although it does specifically mention play-by-post in Community Use, it is:
Originally Posted by Paizo
descriptively reference dialogue, plots, storylines, language, and incidents from products listed in Section 1 of our Community Use Approved Product List
Unfortunately, this means that images, such as maps and NPC images, from the Modules and Adventure Paths are not fair game. Just for posterity I double checked for consistency in several books I own and have access to. It turns out this:
Proper names, dialogue, plot, storylines, locations, characters, artwork, and trade dress (ie page setting, font types, and page borders) are all explicitly under Product Identity, not Open Content.

The exactly, unfortunate, terminology is "descriptive reference". It seems that we can absolutely describe the characters verbally, but not post an image of the character found in the book.

Therefore, using images from the books themselves is outright disallowed if you do not have express written permission from Paizo. Modified maps and character images are under a similar umbrella. You also cannot modify a part of the rules text and then use it for the same game under the same module/AP name.
As evidenced by a Paizo mod on the forums, if you were to change the encounter with a boss in a module by changing mechanical aspects such as class or equipment, you can no longer legally use that boss' name. At least, this is all how I and my sister were able to read it and what previous evidence has been seeming to point to.

I am currently contacting Paizo's licensing department in hopes of getting some clarification. I might try and contact Wizards as well, depending on the response.
@bwatford, this may end up being unbelievably pertinent to GMs like us who love to use images and page dressings from the books in our posts and advertisements.

Update Edit:
Further conversation with Paizo allows me to put a very relieving strike through some of my info. Some of it, mind you. It was kinda a half-canned response that I'm hoping will be further clarified soon.

Also keep in mind that each ap has a common use zip file with the adventure cover, the logo for that ap and usually a few other things.

Also user created maps are fair game which is what I mostly use or make my own. With Wizards maps if you buy them direct from the maker (Schiley, etc) then you can use them.

The paizo community is full of user created content, also I believe any artwork featured on pawns can be used in a online game if you own the box.

I ran pbp games for years on their forums and linked to art and so stuff and never had a problem.

When I began making maps for the community to use, I just had to add the disclaimer to them as they were worried about someone trying to sell them.

I know ap covers are allowed, logos are allowed, and I know ap maps are not. Unsure about NPC images since they are posted multiple places online, including some in the wiki.

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