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Seeking game question

Seeking game question

I am not sure if this is the right place for as I am new here, so please correct me if I should do this differently. I have been told that the best place to find a game to play in is to post in the game ad forum. However, unless I am doing something wrong, it seems that I would need to create a throw away game. Please let me know what I am supposed to do. Thank you.

Hey Nohwear,

First: Welcome.
Second: No need to create a game unless you want to GM one

Since there are far more players than GMs, GMs usually post a game ad when they are looking for players. Interested people then create a character according to the specifications the GM outlines in the game ad to apply with. GMs select from those applications those they like best (and/or fit best with their game idea) and invite them to their game.

You'll find those game ads in the Games & Ads forum; browse the ads and if you find a game that you'd like to apply to, you'll usually find the necessary information in the ad (e.g. what whether to post an application in the ad itself or in the associated game forum, what they are looking for in an applications, how to apply, etc).

Through the system listing on the left side, you can filter open game ads by game system (e.g. if you're looking for a game using the Pathfinder rules).

Games & Ad has a sub-board (Game Planning), where potential GMs pitch ideas to see whether there would be enough players for a given concept - and where players with a specific idea / wish post threads seeking a GM who would like to run a game with that idea.

So... browse the ads and if you find an ad for a game that you'd like to play in and apply to it according to the guidelines the specific GM outlined in their ad.
(And don't get disheartened if the first app doesn't make it; success rates, especially for popular systems like D&D / Pathfinder, are low due to the number of applications in relation to the open spots.)

Edit: Though they are a bit dated and user-created (i.e. someone's personal opinion), these two guide might be of help:

New Member Guide
Player Guide

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