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Hektor Avikntoc, Turmish Human Fighter

Hektor Avikntoc, Turmish Human Fighter

BackgroundSon of the late Priam, a former leader of Turmish, Hektor grew up in a villa south of the Capital overlooking the shores of the mighty Sea of the Fallen Stars. With the best tutors in the kingdom available, the boy was sculpted to be the finest soldier of his generation. However, after enlisting and being given a small unit to lead against a band of marauders, Hektor escaped as the only survivor.

Determined for revenge, he went out and challenged the leader of the marauders to a single dual. Slaying the Orc brute, the rest left the countryside. The young soldier was left with memories of his comrades death, and he quickly learned no honor could return them to the realm of living. Hektor returned home with glory he wanted none of. Rather then entering the city and seeking political support for his actions, the fighter requested to be made an Envoy to the Lords Alliance in hopes of becoming a fighter for freedom across the realm. Now he is but a mercenary hired to fight the most dangerous battles in hopes it will distantly protect the childhood home he still cherishes like a dream.

DescriptionDark skinned from both suntan and southern heritage, Hektor stands tall and powerful, with an arm reach that makes him a mismatch in combat. His hair is long and curly.

PersonalityHe is friendly, and values freedom in a world of slavery and serfdom. After the loss of his friends from youth, Hektor has a fear of losing new companions, and will encourage them not to part. In combat, he will defend the weakest and protect anyone from death who is with him.

Hektor Avikntoc
LG, Human Fighter

Character Name

Hektor Avikntoc

Classes and Levels

Fighter 1


Lords Alliance

Player Name




Sheet #


Adventure Name

Defiance in Phlan

Session #

Mission 4



DM Name and DCI #

Foxwyn 4081112587

Starting XP


Starting Gold

5 gp

Starting Downtime


Starting Renown


Starting # of Items


XP Earned


Gold +/–


Downtime +/–


Renown Earned


Magic Items +/–


XP Total


Gold Total


Downtime Total


Renown Total


Magic Items Total


Adventure Notes/Downtime Activity

GM Quest Reward: Bounty Hunter: 1 Cure Wounds Potion
Comfortable Lifestyle
Mission 4 Reward: 1 Cure Wounds Potion

I sent a PM to Foxwyn also, but I believe so. I feel like there are still some things I am short for an AL application as I have not entered at all previously.

Looks good, just a couple of tweaks:

Character Sheet:
AC for chain mail is 16 not 18
Please filling all skill values, you will still need them/DMs will need to check even if you are no proficient, it just saves time


You need to note on here under the notes section you PC's Lifestyle (pg 157 of the player's hand book).
Please add your starting gold.
Sheet number will be 1.
Session # and dates can be left blank until you complete a game.

Other than that you are good to go, let me know when the tweaks have been done and I can mark you as Verified and move you over to T2.

I updated Lifestyle, Skills, Sheet, and session
I had no gold because I spent my extra money 10 gp on a flail, but decided maybe it is better to have a little and just buy a mace. I changed this and added 5 gp.
I have Chain Mail and a Shield, which is 18. Is there a way you would rather I notate this?


Nope that was me having a dyslexic moment and not accounting for the shield

I can move you over to table 2, though you do need to wait for them to finish up mission 3 before I can bring you in realistically. But they should not be too long before they are finished up, this combat and then one more and they are done.

I realized I missed a Human bonus language when I was reviewing a different character and have added Orc to my list.

cool beans!

session can be 'mission 4'
the date should be today's date.
My DCI number is 4081112587
Starting items number is for magical items.

other than that good to go for mission 5.


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