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Dorn Guilliman Life Cleric of Eldath

Dorn Guilliman Life Cleric of Eldath

Dorn Guilliman
Male Human Cleric of Eldath- NG Level 4
HD:4 d8 AC: 16/18 HP: 27 Status: Healthy Passive Perception: 13 Channel Divinity Used: 1/1
Healing Kit Charges: 5-10 /10-10 Spell DC: 13 Spell Slots: 4/4(1st) 3/3(2nd)
Adventurer's Logsheet
IC Voice IC Thinking

Dorn header up to date

I still need a few more post before I can share the link. As for the campaign, I'm fairly new to 5e (just started playing meeting up weekly like 2 weeks ago. I just know the group is not part of the AL yet and its a beginner adventure but that's it

Looks pretty darn good overall. You do need to list the individual items in the explorers pack. Makes it easier to mark off individual items as used.

so im having issues with getting the Faction header and stat block spoiler to work...
issues 1) was trying to crop my character's picture to just get his head for the header image and can't seem to do it
and issue 2) the stat block spoiler doesnt seem to be working for me

Paste them in this thread and I can take a look.

Character sheet looks good. I just opened a season 5 table. It’s set in the north as part of the Storm King’s Thunder season. Would you be interested in that?

Dorn Guilliman
NG, Male Human Cleric

Edit: I figured everything out finally

Dorn Guilliman
NG, Male Human Cleric

Dorn Guilliman Life Cleric of Eldath
Adventurer's Logsheet

OK FINALLY finished and truly ready for approval. I still dont know what adventure I would like to try (haven't played in any and want to play them all lol)

I know that feeling! I am currently in 7 tables and running 8 on AL, plus running 2 more non AL and playing 1. If you create more characters and have time to post, you can play multiple tables. You just can't have more than one character at a single AL table, though you can run different characters through the same module at different times.

Character sheet looks great! On the AL sheet, create a session 0 and make sure you put the gold you have on there. You want the tally on your character sheet and the latest logsheet to match. It won't stop me from approving the character, but it could cause problems later if someone checks (especially if you take the character to a RL table).

Is there a table you would like to play?


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