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Dorn Guilliman Life Cleric of Eldath

ok gold adjusted on log...what are your posting requirements? can usually post 1-2 M-F maybe more per day, weekends is a whole different ball game, im around almost all weekend. how do the seasons work? are they full story campaigns or just loosely affiliated? should the mods be run in order from any particular season? sorry for the questions, just trying to process the way things work

No worries. We are here to answer questions. I usually ask at least once per day during the week. Weekends and holidays are as you can. The seasons are themes that usually revolve around that year’s hardcover. Season 5 was Storm King’s Thunder. 1 was Tyranny of Dragons. 4 was curse of Strahd. Current season is 7, which is Tomb of Anihilation. There is no need to play the mods in order. They are designed to be able to drop in and play. Anything else?

might as well jump right in then, can Dorn and I join you for DDAL05-12 Bad Business in Parnast at Table 1

You bet. Don’t hesitate to ask if anything pops into mind.

Originally Posted by Shambala View Post
A few housekeeping items...

Are sure you have accepted the invite in your mailbox
lol i havent done this yet but not sure how, been searching all over the place
also for location played do i put home (i am home) or pbp and what is defined as a session? is it each post, or day ?

Invite has been sent. I use MythWeavers as the locat. The session star5 date is today. A session runs until a logical break point. For modules it is either until the end or between episodes depending on the length. Hard covers are usually chapters. IRL, it would be however long the table runs that day (usually 2-3 hours in shops).

Moving to AL Approved folder until a table opens you want to use him on.


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