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We will be in Florida. Home until the weekend, though.

Heads up that I will be heading for a week's vacation tomorrow, so I won't be posting. I'll be in Disney World, so downtime will be limited, especially downtime where I am not passed out from exhaustion. I'll be back on the 23rd with fresh posts. Feel free to RP while I am away!

It was great, thanks! Rode some rides, ate some food, caught up with an old friend from high school who happened to be at the same park as we were one of the days.

You can use the goggles during the adventure.

Originally Posted by Shambala View Post
You can use the goggles during the adventure.
Dibs! I kid, I kid.
We also have two humans who could use them, just as a matter of using them for the adventure and not a declaration of intent or forfeiture of the magical item at the end of the adventure, does anyone else want to use them during the adventure?

I have both darkvision and the light cantrip, so I will also pass


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