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Looks like there have gathered quite a couple of applications. Pretty great.
I'm with you two in the area of knowing little about the game but liking the campaign idea.

I think the nomadic side speaks to that pretty great since it would mean learning things naturally like an outsider would.

@Kaelina: Sure! I welcome any feedback or suggestions on mine, too. I try not to view other apps before I finish mine, but since you asked~

@Eternal - I am thrilled you picked up on a lot of the unspoken. I tried to leave somethings not explicitly stated in the bio, so that it can come out in game play. Not sure its the best approach, but its one i personally enjoy when making a character.

You are fairly accurate with most of it. Since the cats out of the bag anyway, Erica's true core is a need to be wanted. She expresses this in a couple ways, training at the Monastery is a way to curry favor from Ren, to be wanted by him. While she actually isnt violent by nature, in her eyes, the boys who train get attention, which she wants. As she explores civilization more, (I hope) you will get to see her push aside her instinct of distrust to put on a good show, to again curry favor.

I left plenty of hooks, and a few holes to be filled by plot master @Catherine Cook hoping she would be able to use them in the world. I appreciate the feed back, and I'm glad you see where I am going with this character.

Edit: OH! And I will review for you too!

@Kaelina: Thanks I'm a voracious reader, and reading between the lines is fun for me. My favorite part of your backstory was the father wanting to cut out Elena's eyes because they were her mothers. I think you're a good writer.

No worries or rush about reviewing Melba~ I know what I have down is very sparse at the moment.

Kinda curious, is this mechanic of recruiting "some but not all" possible party members through bonding also a thing in the game?

Glad to see you people are getting along! I'm kinda busy tonight, but I'll see if I can provide some further feedback of my own tomorrow.
And to answer Tigor's question... Cold Steel id a JRPG. So of course assembling a party by recruiting people is going to be a big part of it

I went ahead and added our brief conversation to my character personality section @Eternal. Might as well be out there with easy access. LOL.

Also, anyone else who wants some additional input, feel free to ask.

Important announcement: since I've been getting some really good apps, and since I'm not planning to be involved with other games here on MW for the time being, I'm contemplating the option of running two separated campaigns with two separated duos. Essentially, it would be the equivalent of two people playing through the same videogame: each duo would have its own set of threads set in its own version of the game's universe, and proceed to enjoy its own adventure. Thus, it could be said that wach of these "parallel campaigns" would be an alternate universe to the other.

Going with such a format would not be a problem for me, because I already have all the materials necessary to run this campaign ready, on the account of having hosted this exact same concept IRL once before... So yeah, at this point recycling those materials once or twice makes little difference to me.

Essentially, what this means is that a total of four people will get to play in this setting, as opposed to just 2: your chances of being accepted have just doubled, so keep up the good work and submit apps as good as possible!

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