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The New World

The New World - Forum

What will you become in the new world?

Game Description:

This game is another of my hybrid games with Roll20 as a virtual tabletop. The live sessions will use Myth-Weavers forums to administrate the game.

This game is a VERY modified version of 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons as a framework.

To apply all you have to do is: Imagine a fantasy character concept and begin talking to me about it. Nothing else really matters and any plans you make are likely to be changed drastically unless you and I discuss them anyway.

Although some parts of the roleplay will be via pbp, most of it by far will be accomplished during a 4 hours live session.

Sunday nights 5:00pm-9:00pm CST
We are on the 18th session. New players come in at the lowest player level base XP point.


Setting: This setting is going to be a European style human colonial campaign. Humans may be Haenish (Germanic), Skaenish (Arabic or Hispanic), Dra-aenish (Asiatic), or tribal. The ships you will be on are Haenish and the community you are sailing to is Haenish.

Other ethnic groups will often be discriminated against heavily as realism is a very big deal in the way I run. Some NPCs you meet will be enlightened fonts of wisdom and compassion, but most are trite, small-minded, selfish, rude, and incompetent.

You are not a hero. You can choose to act like one though. THAT is the challenge and the whole point (to me) of roleplaying.

The Curse - Many enslaved groups of humanity have escaped bondage in the Paendraithe in a vast fleet of sheps. This way great but led to the great Curse wherein everyone lost themselves, and much time. Emerging at intervals from the Curse, they sail to the new world.

The Haens have established a New World set of colonies from their old bondage to the summoning demon lords, the Mandricans. They have a loose alliance with the other previously enslaved races of humanity. Rumors say that the heroic leaders of the Haens have acquired divine status during the time of the curse and many are now worshiped.

The old country of the southern hemisphere, the Paendraithe, from which you are fleeing as a people, is a month and more to the south and east. It is unknown if a way back through the cursed seas can be found to help supply the new lands from the old.

A string of some two dozen communities of Haens has begun to land along the shores of a new northern continent, named in the tongue of its primary residents, a beastial men called the Kurr, as Darro. The Haens have hardened the word to Daeron.

Each new community begins its struggle for creating a foothold in the new world. Everyone talks of gold. Your captain, a man much older and more experienced that you, asks your families, his people, mostly the Haens, whether they prefer the rocky warmer lands to the south, the temperate forests of the middle shore, or the great rivers and boreal forests of the northern route. The people choose the middle shore, even though it is further West past a great Bay and into one of two great rivers.


Characters will have to decide what social strata they belong to. The vast majority of people in the ships are lower class. Lower class people will have social advantages early on not shared by their betters. Lower class character will start with 3 meaningful street contacts and a few points in skills related to survival.

Middle class characters will start with a small insular family and set of friends and an heirloom magical item. They will have some starting coinage and be recognized for posts within the colony.

The upper class character, there will only be 1 chosen, will be somewhat wealthy in terms of mundane equipment, holdings pre-established, position, and highbrow social influence. But the upper class character will have another upper class family as a rival always trying to cause problems. That character's own family will also be a source of tension.

Inquire within for a real challenge.

Striving each day for roleplaying perfektion ...
I'm not sure where to put my character idea but i'm thinking about playing an assassin More than likely a draenish since the class leans towards that culture

i'm thinking that he worked for his government in the past and did some terrible things and he's just trying to live his life

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