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Dark Sun Module - Black Flames!

The Black Flame Dark Sun - Forum

The Sand BeckonsLooking for four to six players for a Dark Sun Adventure (slightly revised!) using the Pathfinder System. Preservers and Defliers, Psions and strange magics, sand and waste lands under the Dark Athenian Sun.

Not promising a long campaign, this is a revised, expanded, play-through of the Black Flames Module. You are caravan guards (supposedly) that get trapped into a web of intrigue and deceit. But who is deceiving who? We will be leveling up at select times in the story, and starting (as is tradition) at 3rd level.

No experience required in Dark Sun, but previous play of Pathfinder is helpful since that is our system. Familiarity with Dark Sun will help you navigate the cross-over rules. Expect to post 2 to 3 times a week. Once we start it will likely take a few months of play.

DetailsCharacter Creation: Head over here for character creation guidelines. I have linked some rules and background sources for Dark Sun and Pathfinder-Dark Sun.

Applications: Post your characters here. 3rd level! But feel free to post 1 and talk through it!

Deadlines: Planning on completing your application by Nov 5. With play to start soon after. I may have four days of travel around then for work.

Game Description:

From The Original Module

Black Flames
by Sam Witt
A simple trip from Urik to Raam: What could be easier? But unexpected encounters and freakish sandstorms conspire to make this journey more dangerous than imagined. Lost and dying of thirst, your characters unwittingly involve themselves in a strange mission... the motivation behind which lies hidden.

On the adventurers' trail are enraged dragons, desert fiends, and a curse that threatens to drive them mad or make them one of the walking dead. Their only hope is to enter the ancient ruins of Yaramuke, site of a great battle between sorcerer-kings of ages past.

Yaramuke . . . City of Black Waters. The very name curdles blood.
Designed for four to six characters of 3rd to 6th level, Black Flames is set in and around the remains of Yaramuke and the cities of Urik and Raam. Let your DARK SUN game characters experience new adventure among the ancient ruins of Yaramuke!

Myth weavers, I hope that the idea that it is only a single module that is proposed is not scaring you away. Based on my experience playing and running MW games there is a few months of material on this one alone. And if we are digging the flow (and not everyone dies) there are good follow up adventures as well.

Friends, due to real life issues, we have two more spots open in the Dark Sun Game - Black Flames. We are just started the prologue and are taking 1st-come, 1st-murdered-horribly-in-the-desert-wastes.

The players of course would love a healer, but as the GM I am welcoming everyone.

Currently we have:
- Half Giant Barbarian
- Thri-Kreen Psychic Warrior
- Human Alchemist
- Elven Tactician

Message on to the Character Creation thread or message me if interested!

I have a Dark Sun character from another game that stalled out but it is a Psychic Armory Soulknife so that seems to be a no-go. I might poke around some still

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