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Dawn of the Kings

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Dawn of the Kings

Dawn of the Kings - Forum

Do you have what it takes to build a kingdom of Dwarves, Elves, Humans, or Orcs from scratch? Come see if you have the ability to lead your people from a tribe of 100 to the greatest of empires.

Game Description:

In the early history of the world, the gods created many races to populate the world. Most of the sentient races developed skills as Adepts, Commoners, Experts, Warriors and occasionally Aristocrats however the gods of 5 races granted their chosen followers even more specialized knowledges. These 4 races of Dwarves, Elves, Humans, and Orcs came to be called the civilized races because of their special knowledges. Each of the gods taught their race different skills.

The Dwarven God taught the Dwarves to be Fighters, Paladins, Alchemist, and Gunslinger.
The Elven God taught the Elves to be Wizards, Druids, Rangers, and Bards.
The Human God taught the Humans to be Clerics, Summoners, Witches, and Monks.
The Orc God taught the Orcs to be Rogues, Barbarians, Sorcerers, and Oracles.

Each of the civilized races founded a settlement and sought to expand their kingdom with their special skills. The initial settlements were mere small villages of approximately 100 people each and the most powerful member of each village was chosen to be King. This campaign is about the early stages of the five civilized kingdoms.

Game Rules:

  1. Each Kingdom is comprised solely of members of their race to start (i.e. anyone starting in the Dwarven Kingdom must be a Dwarf)
  2. Each PC must be one of the 4 races listed (i.e. not half-elves, half-orcs or other races)
  3. Each PC must be one of the 4 classes listed above for their race (i.e. no Dwarven wizards etc)
  4. Full HP to start at first level, HP from subsequent levels will be rolled.
  5. Average starting GP for class.
  6. When leveling you may only increase a level of a class that you already know. (i.e. no automatic multi-classing)
  7. To multi-class you must use the retraining rules and have a trainer of the new class which you wish to learn. The trainer may be of another race (i.e. an Elven wizard could teach a Dwarf to be a wizard).
  8. Prestige classes do not require a trainer (since none currently exist in the world) however they still require retraining for the first level of the prestige class using the self taught rules (i.e. retraining takes twice as long).
  9. Starting language is just the PC's racial language (Common for humans). If the character would normally gain a bonus language they may choose to learn the language of any creature they meet that shares a language (magic can be used to meet this requirement) which takes 20 days as per retraining rules. Points of Linguistics do not automatically grant languages but do increase the number of languages that can be learned. Having a book in the language that you wish to learn, can allow the character to self study to learn the language however it requires a DC 20 Linguistics check each day and requires a total 40 successful checks to complete.
  10. Kingdoms have not met at the start of the game and each kingdom will be run in a private thread. PCs belonging to the same kingdom do not have to work together but they may want to since the success of their kingdom may require it. Each PC will also have his own private thread as well as access to the joint thread for their kingdom.
  11. The Kings of each of the civilized Kingdoms are level 5 (Dwarven Fighter, Elven Wizard, Human Cleric, Orc Barbarian).
  12. Each Kingdom has 3 advisors of level 3 comprised of the other 3 classes for their races (i.e. for the Dwarves there is a level 3 character of the Paladin, Alchemist and Gunslinger classes acting as advisors to the King).
  13. The PCs represent the first members of their class and will be the King or Advisors of their kingdoms. Therefore the King of each Kingdom will be a 5th level character while the advisers will be 3rd level to start. Future characters will start at 1st level.
  14. There will only be one player from each class accepted to start with the first valid completed character being given the role. (i.e. there will only be 1 wizard). As the game progresses and more students are taught then future players will be allowed to take that class.
  15. PCs will be offered roles in the Kingdom if they choose to accept (Grand Diplomat, Warden etc).
  16. The rest of the villagers (96 in each kingdom) are 1st level NPC classes to start.
  17. There are approximately 100,000 members of each race in the world to start the game but they reside in small tribes and only have NPC classes. Bringing these scattered tribes under the kingdom's control is one of the early things each king is likely to want to do to grow their kingdom.
  18. The initial King of each Kingdom will be responsible for spending the initial Build Point expenditures for their kingdom and settlement. It is advised that they consult with their adviser players however it is not required and the King has final say on Build Point expenditures.
  19. This is a total sandbox campaign oriented on the growth of the respective kingdoms. The focus is on building organizations and not exploring dungeons.
  20. PvP is allowed.
  21. Any alignment is allowed for characters, although each Kingdom is aligned (Dwarves LG, Elves CG, Orc CN, and Humans LN) so if you are far off in alignment from the majority of kingdom then you may have a hard time hiring teams and recruiting followers.
  22. The Slow Advancement Experience Table is being used.
  23. Calendar tracking of activities is required by players. The game will likely span several years of game time.
  24. This game will be lethal. Expect opponents to attack your settlement or even your base. Defenses will be important. Sentient opponents will use good tactics including fleeing to gather reinforcements and counter-attack later at a more opportune moment.
  25. I will not be fudging dice rolls so a bad roll on a random encounter table may be too powerful for your party so running away may be occasionally required to survive.
  26. Abilities 25 Point Buy
  27. 2 Traits, 1 Drawback allowed for a 3rd Trait
  28. A list of available character classes will be kept in the forum Character Submissions Thread.
  29. The game will be using the Kingdom building rules, Mass Combat, and Downtime rules.

NoteI saw a game a long time ago that was on here that was done with similar rules. Not tryingto claim it from the previous GM who abandoned the game.

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You'd be made most welcome.


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