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AD&D Temple of Elemental Evil-Pathfinder Solo game

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AD&D Temple of Elemental Evil-Pathfinder Solo game

Temple of Elemental Evil - Forum

Hey guys and gals, I am currently running Temple of Elemental Evil as a solo campaign. I already have two players and looking for at least one more player possibly two. You will have seperate game threads that will make up your own unique take on Temple of Elemental Evil. Also along the way you will encounter characters that will join your party. I am allowing 3rd party content such as Dreamscarred Press's material and might allow the spheres from Drop Dead Studios as well as the Dark Angel Antipaladin archetype from Book of Wicked Things Redux. But any paizo class is allowed except the Vampire Hunter. Outside of those, just ask and I probably would be okay with it. But I am only allowing your characters to be from the core races and alignments have to be non evil with the possible exception of Lawful Evil. So if you're looking for a pretty casual game and looking to play something you normally don't get the chance to play, I hope you give this game some thought.

Game Description:

Your party is now approaching the Village of Hommlet, having ridden up from landsof the Wild Coast. You are poorly mounted, badly equipped, and have nolarge sums of cash. In fact, all you have iswhat you wear and what you ride, plus the few coins that are hidden in purses and pockets. What you do possess in quantity, though, is daring and desire to becomewealthy and famous. Thus your group comes to Hommlet to learn. Is this indeed a place for adventurers to seek their fortunes? You all hope, of course, to gain riches and make names for yourselves. The outcome of this is uncertain, but your skilland daring, along with a good measure of luck, will be the main ingredients of what follows, be it for weal or woe.The small community at the crossroadsis a completely unknown quantity. What is there? Who will be encountered? Where should you go? These are your first explorations and encounters, so chance may dic-tate as much as intelligence. Will outsiders be shunned? Are the reports true is the whole community engaged in evil practices? Are the folk here bumpkins, easily duped? Does a curse lay upon those whodare to venture into the lands which were once the Temple's? All of these questions will soon be answered.The dusty, rutted road is lined with closely-grown hedges of brambles andshrubs. Here and there it cuts through acopse or crosses a rivulet. To either hand,forest and meadow have given way tofield and orchard. A small herd of kinegraze nearby, and a distant hill is dottedwith the wand stone chimneys with thin plumes of blue smoke rising from them. A road angles west into the hill country,and to either side of the road ahead arebarns and buildings—Hommlet at last!The adventure begins...

Okay so sorry about that, I am still pretty new to this. I have a thread up where you can submit your applications. Honestly didn't expect such a turn out so gonna be hard to decide who gets in or not but I'll probably keep the others as reserves just in case. Also without giving too much away, these games will be seperate from each other so you won't be bumping into each other but who knows what is in the future? And I am okay if you haven't experienced pathfinder before. Thank you all for the considering my game by the way.

Very interested. When do you think you will be choosing your new players?

Originally Posted by cuzinlox View Post
Very interested. When do you think you will be choosing your new players?
I'm looking at around Friday to close off applications then over the weekend chose the players.


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