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Homebrew 5e Game

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Looking for two more players for an lv 1 D&D 5e game with a semi-new DM with the system.

Game Description:

Hello everyone Sir Fox here, excited to run a 5e game. To anyone interested in applying this is my first time DMing for a 5e game, however, it is not my first PbP game. I'm seeking to play a level 3 game up to as high as we can get with slightly accelerated exp earnings. If you donít mind helping a first time 5e DM out with the finer points in the game and want to get a mixture of play styles this game is for you.

This game will be a smaller homebrew world in a Middle Fantasy style with a focus on the players and their actions. There will be multiple paths to take and each will have certain effects on the land around them. Magic is uncommon but not unheard of and seems to come from certain family bloodlines. This by no means stops those from outside the bloodline from learning Arcane magic, but it is even less common. Divine magic is much more common with each major city having usually an elder within the temples that can call upon the gifts of the gods once a day.

I prefer lighter style games with punctuations of serious or somber moments for effect, but I'm open and curious as to what the players want from the game as well. New players and experienced players both welcome.

Brief History

The Six Realms are the main landmass of Ebromia and the focus of our adventures. Five-hundred years ago something terrible happened with High Elven kingdom. Whether caused by the war between them and the Dragonborn or an artifact unlocking a horrible power the effects were devastating. One of the moons was split asunder by a beam of power, causing the area around to be bathed in abysmal arcane energy. But the worst was to come, a portion of the moon had fallen and was set to crash into the land below. It was the size of a mountain and the races all banded together to study a solution as smaller pieces continually rain down cause havoc to occur around the impact sights.

For all new Weavers, feel free to check by asking... But also take note of when the ad is posted (in this case, yesterday). Also, if you go to the game thread, you can see activity pertaining to the application process (and what the GM is looking for in an application). Consider these ads to be window dressing on a new store. You gotta go inside to find out why there's banners saying "Grand Opening" hanging out front.

Also, the Myth-Wiki should be your new bestest friend. Don't worry, it won't move away in the 6th grade and leave you with the smelly kid down the street.

And welcome!

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