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Teeny-tiny CoS!!!

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Teeny-tiny CoS!!!

Curse of Strahd for Small Races - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Hi everyone! DM QuirkyJoe here looking for 4-6 players to head to Strahdsvillovia. App deadline is December 15th.

Posting rate: 2x/week
Other unique features: We'll be using the Madness rules in a manner similar to Out of the Abyss. You can also stockpile Inspiration when it's offered.



If I've forgotten anything, let me know in the OOC. Otherwise, just looking for an elevator pitch in a separate thread with the following:


Some things I'm not looking for:

Game Description:

Greetings, all! Looking to take a party of four to six small individuals on a sidegame stroll through Barovia.

Currently looking for elevator pitches at the moment, so no need to stress yourself out by having to get a character sheet ready as of yet.

In case you're unfamiliar with Curse of Strahd... well, this ain't your traditional Curse of Strahd. Much will be similar while much will also be different. What, you may find yourself asking? Why, create a character and find out!

AL DCI: 7318654574
ALG/ALLog/Basic Rules/Beast/Conditions/Donjon/EnLinks/Fandom/Giger/Time

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Well... Yes! I prefer playing smaller races and will toss something up for this.

@Amrandirst: *smiles*
@Strych9: CoS is a lot of fun. I look forward to twisting certain bits of the story while keeping the majority of it intact.
@Koradin_Soulforge: Absolutely!
@Popestar: Looking forward to it!

QJ, why do you have to put me through this!? Why do you have to make games that sound so darned intriguing!!

I'm trying to cut back on my games, not add to them ........

I'll have a character together tomorrow.. stupidhead

@Khaot1cDreamer: Believe me, I feel your pain. Something like 10 new character apps I've made just in the past week for MW games... *le sigh*

Also why I might be tossing my hat in.. I looked at the whole "this is your life" thing ... and my origin has me being a kobold by curse or polymorph!?! That's intriguing as hell.. everything else seemed to line up too. You'll see it with my app.

Off to bed now for me though. I've falling asleep here at the keyboarddddddddddddd *snore*

Is this game AL or not? Cuz if it isn't, then I'm interested, since I kinda want good ol' XP progression.


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