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Final Fantasy 14: Brave New Dawn

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Final Fantasy 14: Brave New Dawn

Final Fantasy 14: Brave New Dawn - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

The setting will take place in Final Fantasy 14 MMO's world. Most of the adventures will take place in Eorzea that consists of the Eorzea Alliance made up of the city states of Girdania, Limsa Lominsa, and Ul'dah as well as Ishgard and Ala Mhigo Starting off this campaign will use pre-made adventures to help establish party chemistry and to help build to future homebrew adventures. Also classes and races will be chosen from the Final Fantasy 5E companion found here. At the moment, I am looking for four players whose characters will start off at level 1 and stats will be rolled as 4d6 keep the highest three. As far as posting rate goes, looking for at least twice a week. I am looking forward to your applications.

Game Description:

Eorzea, a realm brimming with adventure and tales to be told. From the waters of Limsa Lominsa, to the sands of Ul'dah, and to the forests of Girdania many would be adventurers take their firsts steps on their long journey. Spur on by the exploits of the Warrior of Light, these adventurers can't wait to see what lies in wait for them. Either with sword held high gleaming in the sun or surrounded by books of ancient lore hidden in far the reaches of the realm, a new age for adventurers beckon. No matter their motivations, be it for glory or fortune, Eorzea welcomes all to make a name for themselves in this Brave New Dawn.

Lately rumors have been floating around Limsa Lominsa about a strange island appearing on the outskirts of Limsa Lominsa's waters. They say the island is blanketed by a never ending winter and ships that dare get close end up vanishing in the heavy snow and those who found their way back speak of the island inhabited by nothing but crows. At first the Maelstrom discounted such rumors but as more curious ships began to go missing, the Maelstrom sent out a call for adventurers to investigate the island and to find out what happened to the missing ships and their crews. But somethings are easier said than done. What awaits fledgling adventurers on the shores of Crow's Rest Island?

You worked your way through the crowds to board the Crimson Arc, the last ship to take adventurers to the island. Unlike the other ships that have left, this one is relatively small compared to the bigger Maelstrom ships. As you board the ship, you can't help but notice that besides the crew, there are three other adventurers besides yourself. The other ships left with dozens of adventurers you recall but this one only has the four of you. Shaking the thought aside, you board the ship in anticipation to start your adventuring career.

Dang I was waiting for a game like this to open and now I have too many games on my hands. *cry* Hope you have a long successful game.

I love the FF series but know nothing about FFXIV - is that cool or would you prefer players who know a bit more about that world specifically?

I just wanted to let everyone know that I may do a 2nd four man group especially if we get another "tank" role class (Dark Knight, Warrior, and Paladin with Sultansworn archetype) and "Healer" role class (Astrologian, White Mage, and Arcanist with Scholar archetype.) Or I might just not worry about that formula

Still looking for players. Application deadline is the 21st. If you're interested but don't know what to play, no one has claimed these classes yet.

So what classes we have left are:

Physical DPS
Bard (College of the Skyseer Archetype)
Rogue (Ninja Archetype)
Monk (Fists of Rhalgar Archetype)

Magical DPS
Black Mage
Arcanist (Summoner Archetype)

Paladin (Sultansworn Archetype)

And so far there's no Viera race representation.

I just thought I would poke in and seeing that ninja and monk, two of the classes I played the most along with Machinist, not being represented is heart breaking. Get on it people! lol

so quick question?

if I choose Ninja (Rogue Archetype) am I literally chosing 5e rogue and just adding the archetype information to the base class? sorry for a silly question

Yup! You're choosing the 5e rogue and when you would select an archetype, you'll choose Ninja. Same thing with the Bard, Paladin, and Monk if anybody's wondering the same thing.


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