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Not Your Mother's Waterworld

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Apocalypse World

Nobody remembers how or why. Maybe nobody ever knew. The oldest living survivors have childhood memories of it: cities burning, society in chaos then collapse, families set to panicked flight, the weird nights when the smoldering sky made midnight into a blood-colored half-day.

Now the world is not what it was. Look around you: evidently, certainly, not what it was. But also close your eyes, open your brain: something is wrong. At the limits of perception, something howling, everpresent, full of hate and terror. From this, the world’s psychic maelstrom, we none of us have shelter.


Hey everybody it's Bribes again. I'm just looking for a couple more easygoing, collaborative players to join the great start we've gotten in our most recent game of Apocalypse World. We're probably almost halfway through Session 1 at this point and we've got four great players, but admittedly I did want a little more potential for cross-pollenation of player interests and objectives (which is why I initially sought six players).

So I'm putting feelers out now if anyone wants to make a pitch for a character to join the game.

The Setting:
A series of islands which differ, sometimes wildly, but share varying degrees of commonality and communication. Fresh water is in short supply, often not found in great enough numbers to support any huge settlements so the islands are home to many smaller communities. The waters are full of hostile ships of all different kinds and the prevailing tech-level is quite schizophrenic, from blacksmiths and canvas sailing ships to fantastic raypunk guns and technological oddities.

It's sort of like Survivor, with Mecha-Godzilla waiting underground and Cthulhu peering over the edge of reality into your very soul.

Disclaimer: Player interests do not always coalign, sometimes they work against each other, sometimes they kill each other. Nobody is going to start the game as player nemeses but if things naturally grow into an antagonistic posturing that's going to be OK. Death isn't permanent in this game (haha right?) and can even lead to some way cool situations when you pick through the wreckage of what you've done to each other. The point is if you can't trust me or your fellow players to act maturely and let go of your character's well-being and embrace their failures then this game is not for you.

If you like to win and lose in incredible, sexy, over-the-top ways, then come and join the fun!

Originally Posted by Playbooks Currently Taken
The Show - Anhedonia
The Contaminated - Ver2os1
The Quarantine - Lonewalker
The Pirate Lord (Custom Playbook) - Chase
Originally Posted by Playbooks Currently Available
I'll let you suggest any Playbook, but if I don't like it I'll let you know and ask you to try a different one.

Also, I'm up to doing another Custom Playbook if we get a good enough idea.
If you're reading this and still interested in applying, post in the application section of the game forum.

Game Description:

And as things fell apart, nobody paid much attention.

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Soooo tempting... either The News with a studio boat or The Waterbearer with a water desalination ship / platform.

As someone who recently fell in love with the Powered by the Apocalypse system in general I am super excited to see a game for any version of it. I have some ideas and gonna poke at this tonight for sure.

@Raveled - You can app it but you might be wasting your time. It’s a little hard to make a Child Thing that doesn’t suck.

@Bribes & @Strych9

I've let a concept for The Waterbearer simmer in the background, and while I was reading François' sheet something struck me - would it be okay (assuming it's fine with Strych9) to apply with characters that are somehow tied together? You were already looking for connections to the existing characters, so this would expand on that.

As I mentioned before, a Waterbearer with a desalination platform was something I was exploring. Strych9 was pondering a place to put François' restaurant in. What if that same (semi-mobile) platform housed both their establishments?


@Strych9 what do you think of this? If you're onboard (literally), I can show you what kind of home base I've been thinking of. It should be big enough for an intimate restaurant.

@Bribes by the way, if we go ahead with this plan, where should Strych9 and I discuss the details of the base? My prologue thread?

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