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Fight the Forces of Evil on a Sunny Beach For Once

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City of Mist: Inemouth Island

City of Mist: Inemouth Island - Forum
Apocalypse World

A little dark, a little funny, and more than a little dramatic. I try to keep things feeling grounded, but expect to see some weird stuff and things that break the rules. Heroes are better when they're flawed and personal connections make them feel real.

Check out the Character Creation Thread and make a submission in the Applicant group. I have no real preference for characters. Please try to post once a day or once every few days.

You are the driving force for your story, but expect things to happen around you. In addition to the major event, which is currently the various Lords gearing up for all out war, there will be a few other similar groups running around and having their own adventures. Perfect for Crew standoffs, possible allies, and maybe even relationship interests.

There are a few key differences between Inemouth and the standard City of Mist. The first is the Mist itself. While still mysterious and possibly supernatural, its known to the general public as a hallucinogen and possibly responsible for creating mutations in the local wildlife. Most throw in a few other sciency sounding words.

Character Creation is a little different and there are a few new rules there, so please check them out in that thread.

Lords and Fractures are two new elements of the story. Lords are inherently no more powerful than any other Rift, but have the ability to imbue others with power. Their most common Mythos are as leaders of a group or the group itself, like the Argonauts. Fractures are what you get when a Mythos comes into being without a host. They're weaker than the average Rift, but still very dangerous and very single minded.

Game Description:

Inemouth. Built on an island of the same name, it is a city on the rise, but also one with a dark history. Occupied by Allied forces during World War 2, it was publicly used as a naval base and secretly used as a weapons development lab. Only in the last ten years did this information come to light, as urban development reached a tipping point and the long abandoned underground factory was breached. Air borne hallucinogens spread across the island, causing people to see things.

Surprisingly this has only increased tourism, but also attracted some of the weirdest dark tourists, thrill seekers, and drug addicts to the island. The knee jerk reaction to make prostitution, gambling, and recreational drug use legal certainly didn't help. Urban development, heightened tourism, and opened trade routes have caused Inemouth's 20000 citizen population to balloon to 40000 in just under ten years.

It's hard to say what's really drawing people in, but many say they feel it like a magnet. Only when they first arrive do the changes start, becoming different, realizing their destiny. Their Mythos. A unique breed of Rifts are currently vying for control over the island. Known as Lords, they can imbue ordinary Sleepers with incredible abilities. Conflict between them has reached a boiling point and started to spill out onto the streets.

For Queen Fragg and her mighty state of Hysteria!

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I just stumbled across City of Mist, and your setting sounds super interesting. I'll definitely finish reading the book and start putting together a character!

Ooh, been meaning to get into City of Mist. Been wanting to play a shapeshifter of some sort and this seems like a good place for something with Proteus, the Old Man of the Sea. Or maybe just a general doppleganger, since I seem to go to the Greeks a lot.

Old Man of the Sea could be a more interesting as an NPC involved in the character's story, actually.

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