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Monster of the Week

Monster of the Week - Forum
Apocalypse World

I'm taking applicants for a game discussed in game planning. We already have a number of interested parties however I promised I'd put it out to open interest once the current applicants have their applications a little more solidified. That's been done.

What is monster of the week?

The above description gives you a very detailed break down- however for ease of just reading this ad;

You're Monster Hunters.

Now the premise is hard to describe since there is a poll (that you're welcome to vote in when applying) that will either see the players as a new Division of the Trentholm Police Force (TPF) instituted by the paranoid mayor (Who may not be as paranoid as he seemed) or a Family of Monster Hunters.

At the moment the TPF and Family themes are tied, and I presume the new applicants will break this tie.

The system is ridiculously easy to learn and you can pick up each classes playbook PDF completely free. It's all you'll need to both apply and play. I can walk you through the rest!

Game Description:

The town of Trentholm is a medium sized (15,000 people) sized town in Northern America, it has the advantage of amazing and beautiful natural terrain such as wide open lakes, stunning waterfalls, ski worthy snow slopes and a deep cave system that runs under the town. Most of the towns economy takes place from the tourist trade however the town never really took off as a booming tourist hot-spot due to the local militarised Radio-Quiet Zone (RQZ). Radio's work but are almost always faulty or hard to hear to the point of most not bothering. Mobile phone reception doesn't work at all. However the internet works fine in the towns central district so most teenagers gather at the mall or local library to study.

The forests of Trentholm are pine and other Evergreens.

The local hot springs is fed into from an underground water source somewhere in the Northern area of the town's surrounding forest.

It has a high school, mixed grade primary school, mall, hunting range, police station, fire station, small fry military base, library, internet cafe and other amenities. The local mayor was very careful to fit out the town with everything the local tourist trade might need.

Creator of the Metahuman System
Creator of the Schism Psionics System
Hello! I've always wanted to play Monster of the Week (I love Apocalypse World, and this seems like a great hack)! Are you still accepting submissions? Would the Exile (attached; I can't post links yet) be an acceptable choice? I was perusing some of the characters and I think it'd be a fun addition for the monster hunting family clique, but I can choose something else if you don't want to use the extended playbooks.
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I was going to choose today. So I'll give it one more day.

Also....I'm running first!

Any openings here? I’ve been wanting to play MotW!

Dang. Thanks for replying. Is there another Monster of the Week game running on the Weave?

There was another that was recruiting last week but it's all filled up

Yeah, I'll keep looking. Thanks for the responses!

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