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Forgotten Realms: Wild West Style

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Forgotten Realms: Wild West Style

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Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) and clones - Forgotten Realms

Yippie-kai-yay, gnoll-rutters! This here's a campaign straight out of an old wild west movie, 'cept its more fantasy than what you may be used to. I've taken a chunk of the Forgotten Realms, a little piece 'a land known as the Fields of the Dead, and reimagined it, so to speak, as the American southwest. Cowboys, ranchers, and cattle barons, 'cept with swords and spells instead 'a shotguns and six-shooters. Its a wild, lawless land with unforgiving landscapes and treacherous monsters hiding deep in the hills and sitting next to you at the saloon.

So, saddle up your pony and get ready to ride off into the sunset. Happy trails!

I'm looking for 2-3 players to play semi-solo campaign adventures. I say semi-solo because your character will mostly have their own story and narrative, which will often weave in and out of the other players within the campaign. You won't be tied to being in a party the whole game like most multi-player campaigns, free to be as selfish as you want.

The rules are 2nd-Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D 2E). Rules can be found at

Character creation rules are detailed HERE.

Applications will be open until the end of August.


Players will be new to the area, and the time will be set just a few years after the Time of Troubles. It will be early spring, a few weeks from Shieldmeet. During Sheildmeet, the city of Parthak hosts an event known as the "Bardsfest", a celebration where bards from all over the lands are invited to perform, with the most entertaining bard judged and declared a winner, and given a large sum of gold. Many caravans have scheduled their journey to pass thru Parthak during this time, so the population will soon swell to huge numbers, performers and audiences alike anxious to partake in the festivities. Of course, such a prize and such a crowd often catches the attention of more shadier folk, willing to take advantage of the situation.

Applicants should describe their character's motive for coming to Parthak, and what sort of story-hooks could get them to remain in the region even after the Bardsfest is over. This is a collaborative campaign, where players and DM work together to structure a story narrative that everyone enjoys and finds interesting. Expect heavy role-playing, with posts longer than a couple of simple sentences from all involved; we're telling a story, not just playing a game. There will be plenty of opportunity for combat and dice-rolling, however.

Posting frequency will be rather slow, and as DM I will only promise at least one update a week, but that's the absolute least. I expect to post more often than that.

About the DM: I'm a middle-aged man who's been DM'ing and playing here on Myth Weavers for several years. I DM two (2) other play-by-post AD&D campaigns here: Spelljammer: Dark Void (fantasy in space, now in its second year) and Freebooters of the Fallen Stars (Forgotten Realms set in the Inner Sea, full of pirates and dragons, now in its fourth year).

Game Description:

Forgotten Realms, wild west-style.

This campaign is meant to take a piece of the established Forgotten Realms and turn it into something more akin to a western. Full of adventure and drama, its a fantasy version of Deadwood, with a lawless frontier and the hard men and women who attempt to survive and prosper within. Set in the Fields of the Dead region, this campaign re-imagines the area to look more like the American south-west, full of hilly fields of grass, deep canyons, badlands and dead lands. Populated with homestead farmers, horse and cattle ranches, active and abandoned mines, and ancient battlefields of bones. Just like an old western movie, there are barbarian natives to fight or befriend, and wagon caravans to protect from bandits. But this is still the Realms, with swords instead of six-shooters, gnolls, trolls, and kobolds lurking in the dark places, and just what would a Dungeons & Dragons game be without dungeons and dragons?

The center of the campaign is Parthak, known as the "City of Trails". Placed on some of the more well-traveled caravan trails, this little town is a hub for the region. The main road, the Coast Way, is lined with wooden buildings, a canopied boardwalk connecting saloons, inns, general stores, and gambling halls. Expect to find cattle barons, horse thieves, barbarian traders, homesteaders, caravan guards, bounty hunters, and all manner of folk in Parthak. You don't have to find adventure; it'll find you, in Parthak.

Agree totally.

Thanks for the kind words!

There's 2-weeks left for applications!

Sometime this week I will be posting a prelude thread for all approved applicants to participate. (Watch your character's thread for approval to participate.) The prelude thread will just be a standard tavern introduction, where players can get to practice role-playing their characters and impress me with your posting abilities.

One week remaining for applications.

I have started a prelude thread for approved applicants to participate in. This approval is not an invitation to join as a player into the game; only useful as a role-playing practice and an opportunity to display your posting and storytelling skills. Check your character thread for approval. If you have not gotten this approval, then please state that your character is finished and ready.

Only 3 characters will be chosen for this game. Final selection will be made during the first week of September.

May or may not try to squeeze in an app but you look pretty full. Sounds amazing regardless.


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