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Adventures In Goblin Slayer

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Adventures In Goblin Slayer

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e


In a world of fantasy, adventurers come far and wide to join the Guild, in order to complete contracts for whatever jobs are available. Where the characters in this story do not carry proper names but are instead named by their professions. Most adventurers later became known by their abilities or Class. You're not there yet.

You're a fledgling Adventurer whose just spent the last of your gold to register with the Adventurer Guild and made it to Akiba City. Outfitted in your starting armor, weapons, backpack and rope you're out to make a name for yourself and become an Adventurer! This is your story. How do you wanna tell it?

What Makes An Adventurer
You never stopped following your dreams- you have always wanted to be an adventurer for as long as you have can remember. Now, "adventuring" in this sense is not the same as the dragon-slaying heroism typical of in-play adventuring. Really, a more accurate description would be along the lines of "helpful grave-robbing", and probably involved a lot more sneaking around, running in terror, setting traps, and possibly taking credit for the work of others, or complete strokes of luck.

  • your parents were adventurers,
  • you were rescued by a group of adventurers who then raised you,
  • you ran away at a young age to become an adventurer,
  • you grew up in an adventurers guild hall,
  • you're just starting out new and fresh to the profession.

Whatever the case is, you are willing and able to do work that nobody in their right mind would even consider. As an adventurer, you will likely travel extensively, encounter violence and death, are comfortable around magic, and have likely seen many a strange, terrible, and wonderful thing. Many professional adventurers use a sort of professional slang or jargon resembling game terms, such as referring to people by their perceived "level", or ranking enemies by supposed "challenge ratings".

What took you down this path, and where has it taken you? Are you pushed by some driving goal, or flee from some terrible thing? Or do you just go wherever the money flows? Are you an experienced team member, or are you more of the loner riding in the back of the cart? Were you trained up to be a professional, or did you learn by experience? What kinds of adventures will you have? What amazing sights will you vist? How will these experiences changed you?

Welcome to the World of Goblin Slayer.

Application Requirements

Game System: D&D 5E
Starting Level: 1
Posting Rate: 2-3 + Weekly
Applicants: 15 (loose first come / first serve
Application Close Date: November 22nd, 2018
Character creation is a bit unique to this setting so please regard the following links when creating your character.

Character Creation:
Magic Grimoires:
Inventory Management:

A word on Co-GMs
I'll except 1 or 2 more CO-GM's if someone would like to do this. This allows for more people to enter the game and play. CO-GM's need to read the CO-Gm thread on the main page. You're expected to run adventures as well as play in others. I have enough for 15 people. But if someone applies as a CO-Gm I can have a slot for 3 more players.

Anime Setting
Please read the Disclaimer on the front page of the forum. It states how this is an Anime style of D&D 5th edition. So will be a bit campy, dark and tropey at times. More information can be found there.

Game Description:

You're an Adventurer.

Adventurer (冒険者, Bōken-sha) is a term that is associated with individuals who undertake official quests offered by the Adventurer's Guild.

Adventurers are individuals registered under the Adventurer's Guild, regardless of race or ethnicity, whom undertake quests offered from the Adventurer's Guild and complete them in exchange for a monetary reward.

The nature and fatality of these requests can vary, from monster subjugation, escort, investigation, etc. To ensure that the adventurers are fairly compensated, there is a bare minimum sum that has to offered, by the poster of the said quest, as stipulated in the Association's rules and regulations.

It is not compulsory for an adventurer to form a party, as certain adventurers are well known to be able fend for themselves and manage alone. However, the likelihood of survival and success in carrying out quests would increase should they form a party.

Trying Harder To Play Better
UPDATE: Gonna play some games.
Well thanks to this ad I have started reading the series. Quite good. Tempted to apply now but I have no idea what I would do, lol. Darn you Hatter!

Originally Posted by Hudsonpolar View Post
Well thanks to this ad I have started reading the series. Quite good. Tempted to apply now but I have no idea what I would do, lol. Darn you Hatter!
Jooooin us, joooooin us.


Originally Posted by Tegster View Post

Originally Posted by Hudsonpolar View Post
Well thanks to this ad I have started reading the series. Quite good. Tempted to apply now but I have no idea what I would do, lol. Darn you Hatter!
You're welcome. I'm not sorry.

Originally Posted by Hudsonpolar View Post

Game Update

We currently have 11 applications, not including the 2 GM applications. As well as Warr's character who will be on the way.

As such we only have 4 open slots before the game will be full.

Folks can still make characters despite it being full and will be approved on a first come first serve basis if another CO-GM becomes available. My rule is 5 characters/player per GM. Though I am not sure I want more then 20 players tbh.

Thank you for considering me and my fellow CO-Gm's in sharing this story together.


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