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Heroes of the Realms

Heroes of the Realms - Forum

Forgotten Realms is a high fantasy campaign setting. Most of the campaign will be in the Sword Coast region, while some trips to other faraway lands of Faerun or planes are possible, they aren't going to be the main focus of this campaign.

It's the year 1489 DR.

Recent history worth mentioning or at least might influence your backstory (depending on your race). Older history is usually only of interest to sages and scholars, the average person in the realm doesn't know most of the world history or care to know.

-1385 The Spellplague, Mystra the goddess of Magic was murdered by the recently ascended Cyric to godhood with assistance from Shar. Many spellcasters went mad during that time. Magic went crazy and the world was changed quite literally.
-1482 - 1488, The Second Sundering, Happening after the return of Bhaal from Baldur Gate and taking back his title as God of Murder from Cyric. The following years are full of calamities and various catastrophe all over the world. Many wars happened during that time, with a lot of the chosen of the Gods, being at the center of these conflicts.
-1489, Most of the major conflicts and wars are over now. The gods stopped having a direct intervention with their chosen taking a quieter position and being subtle. Some new conflicts arose and new threats but at least, it was without the gods' intervention. It's a new world out there, full of opportunities and chances for anybody to make a name for themselves.

Our Campaign begins in Daggerford, a small walled town and also a pastoral haven with many caravans passing through. The caravans are often headed north toward Waterdeep or south to Baldur's Gate. Warriors and adventurers looking to make some coins can find easy work with helping these caravans. A tribe of Lizardfolk has been attacking Daggerford recently, the call for adventurers and mercenaries willing to deal with the situation has caught your attention.

Character creation
Level 1
25 Point Buy
2 Traits(a drawback grants access to a 3rd trait)
Roll or Take average for your Gold (Pick One)
Background Skills
Dreamscarred Press Psionic supplements are available
Seek 4 or 5 players, heroic campaign so leaning toward good alignments.

Gods of the Realms: Too many to list. If you are looking for a particular deity, just ask.

Smokepowder, the equivalent of Black Powder in the realms, is illegal in most places or require to get past red tape for a small restricted use of it. And the few places that have some Smokepowder only have small quantities of them. Due to the rarity of the substance and how hard it is to obtain it, Forgotten Realms use the Very Rare Guns option. Gunslinger and archetypes using firearms, advanced firearms, the amateur gunslinger feat, don't exist and only npcs can take the gunsmithing feat. Early firearms exist but they are rare.

Game Description:

A Faerun, Forgotten Realms campaign starting from humble beginnings.

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Im interested. I usually like scoundrel types best but I am willing to play any role. CG Rogue, Ranger, or Barbarian is what I'm thinking. Maybe even multiclass. Do I just post my character concept here or send it to you? It has been some time since I've done any gaming online.

What are the sources allowed? You mention dreamscarred press and their psionics specifically. Is that it for 3rd party materials, or are you open to more such as other dreamscarred press products or the drop dead studios/spheres materials which are also popular as 3rd party materials go?

I have a lot of 3rd party materials and I do like a lot of them but if you want a guaranteed approved list here what I don't have an issue with: (With Errata when available)

-Deep Magic by Kobold Press (if you do use some deep magic, just ask, will try to mix it with the lore of the setting.)
-Dreamscarred Press Psionics, Akashic Mysteries, Path of war supplements
-Drop Dead Studios, Spheres system but as a fair warning, regular spellcasters are around, so full spellcasters are still pretty strong.
-Hybrid Blood by Silver Games LLC (FR tends to have so many wizards and the likes doing experiments that sure, a wizard experiment hybrid of some creature wouldn't be too out of place)
-Ultimate Covenant Magic by Purple Duck Games and all their kineticist supplements
-Legendary Games has released a lot of supplements for classes, including their own hybrid classes, those are fine to use.

Awesome and would you accept a follower of Haela Briteaxe? I know she is a dead diety but Im not planning on being a cleric.

As mentioned in the thread on the forum, Haela Brightaxe is not dead anymore. She came back to life during the Second Sundering but so did her Duergar enemies, it was only 3 years ago, so it is very recent.


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