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T1 - The Village of Hommlet

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T1 - The Village of Hommlet

Trouble in Hommlet - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) and clones - Greyhawk

Adventure: Classic module T1 - The Village of Hommlet
For this I will be using the stand alone module T1. This is not the super module, no Temple of Elemental Evil. The premise of the module will stay intact but there will be sufficient modifications to make the adventure interesting even if you have been through it a dozen times.

System: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1st Edition
Level: 1st
World: Greyhawk
Year: 579 CY
Posting Rate: 2 per week minimum. I will probably not post more than once per day even if everyone is in.
# of Players: ??? I don't know yet.
The ad will close in three weeks or once we go three or four days with no interest.

List of House Rules
Dice Rolling Thread

1. Go to the Dice Rolling Thread
2. Roll dice for attributes, hit points and gold in one post.
3. Fill out an AD&D character sheet.
4. In the description area of your character sheet include a physical description and a brief background that ties your character to the central Flanaess, remember you are first level and have done nothing of note so a paragraph should suffice.
5. I prefer a well written physical description with no picture, but if you have a picture you absolutely have to use put it in the character portrait area of your sheet not in your post.
6. In the same post you rolled stats, type your character's name and link it to the character sheet.
7. Do not provide any additional formatting or information outside of your character sheet.

Game Description:

Hommlet, a quiet little village in the Kron Hills, has sent out the call for young adventurers. Last fall their two great heroes Rufus and Burne received a mysterious visitor. They set out the next morning to the south with most of their retinue. No word was heard all winter long and then two months ago with the thawing snow Burne returned with a handful of men. The mage went straight to his tower without talking to anyone and has been shut up inside since. The men have all been tight lipped about what happened but the rumor is that task was near impossible. Burne's power was depleted and Rufus is no more.

A dark and menacing evil has been about the lands near Hommlet since that vile temple was first built. Its destruction brought but a hint of light to the Kron Hills but as the old Suel saying goes, "Once evil sets its gaze upon you it is not easy to cleanse your soul." Sinister elements are drawn to the region as if pulled by a magnet. With Rufus absent and Burne locked away bandits have begun raiding the roads into Hommlet and a darkness has set about the citizens who now fear that without their heroes greater evils are en route.

So with this the troubled village of Hommlet has sent out a call throughout the region for the young and brave to take up sword and spell in the defense of the peaceful villagers.

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A Thread for Players of Older Editions of D&D and Clones

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Oh, are we doing proficiencies and non weapon proficiencies? If so I've still got a bit of work to do. Also, fighters (and multi class fighters) can start with weapon specialization, is that right?

@Excior According to the UA (the only official 1e rules pertaining to specialization that I am aware of) you can double specialize at character creation or wait until later. UA Pg 18. My house rule is that you can choose to use weapon proficiency slots to become specialized with new weapons after character creation. By the book you can only become specialized with weapons at character creation after that WP slots can only be spent to double specialize in specialized weapons or select new weapons.

@SmokeyGB Weapon proficiencies only and yes they can.

@Blick Normally I don't allow blue die but as yours were so good I looked back through and saw what happened. You are good to go!

@Cirlot Can't really tell what it did with your HP roll. Go ahead and take the second. Chalk it up to my deep love of having a human illusionist in my game.

@SmokeyGB Weapon proficiencies only and yes they can.
Understood. Generally know what I want but will slot it in tomorrow.

One further question: Are there restrictions on what can be used to Backstab? The rules do explicitly state that fighter/thieves cannot use shields (weird, that) so I was thinking of going two handed but only if they can also be used to Backstab.

@SmokeyGB The only restriction on armor I am aware of is that they must follow thief restrictions while operating as a thief. If you want to hide or move silently you have to be wearing leather or worse and have your shield slung. In truth I have never worried about the shield the armor is much more of a concern. As far as weapons you can backstab with as long as it is a melee weapon it is good. AD&D 1e quirks.

Hmm - got you. Restricted to leather armor then having a shield is probably more important than the extra damage from a two handed weapon. Will think about it and slot it into place.

Sorry for the late questions. Pulled this from a bit on Weapon Proficiencies:

Missile weapons give the specialist +1 to hit and +2 to damage for two proficiencies
So if I go Long Bow I then would get +1/+2 with it?

Yeah but it cost you 3 weapon proficiencies to specialize in a missile weapon and 5 to double specialize. That is not the case for thrown weapons which are the same as melee weapons.

How long have I got to get this done, cousin? Going to be difficult to do much of anything until late tonight, and if I don't get it done then, I'll be mostly AFK until Monday.

Originally Posted by Black Wyvern View Post
Yeah but it cost you 3 weapon proficiencies to specialize in a missile weapon and 5 to double specialize. That is not the case for thrown weapons which are the same as melee weapons.
Hmm - well, 3 slots may well be worth it given my F/T is dexterity based and not some hulking fighter. Will consider it and amend my sheet.

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