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Community Supporter Didn't Go Through?

Community Supporter Didn't Go Through?

This morning I received the usual e-mail telling me that my annual payment for Community Supporter status had been processed, but when I came to check on my games tonight, I seem to have lost all the perks from that status. I don't recall there being a lapse like this in the past, so I wanted to ascertain what was going on.

Hi there! Can you please contact me through a pm with the email on your payment profile and let me know what day it said it went through? I've gone ahead and made the subscription active again manually.

I noticed this as well. Log out, clear your cookies/cache, and log back in. Worked for me.

Yeah, tried that and it's still showing ads. So it doesn't look like even reactivating it manually did anything (unless it was a temporary thing and it just timed out). Either way, I'll send the PM and hopefully we can get this sorted out.

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