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[3.5e] Gauging Interest

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Which is preferred?
Exploring the wilds of Kheral 8 44.44%
Tournament of Heroes 4 22.22%
Month of the Forthcoming of Water 1 5.56%
The Order of Dusk 5 27.78%

Yeah... I've never seen a game with a planned time skip play out, and A has options, including--hopefully-- stuff like town building and I honestly can't say when the last time was when I had a PC delve into some ancient ruin. A literal ruin explore scenario would be intriguing.

@TonberryKing -- I would very much love a chance to play with you again! I'm sad our last game together sputtered out. I did not get enough of your spooky plushie.

You meant Mossopal, right? Heh. Well, I dunno if a pokemon trainer can work here, though this gives me some ideas of how to tweak the ideas I *do* have...

Yes, Mossopal! She was Too Friggin' Cute.
I'm not saying you should play her again directly, but I will say that Malconvoker and Master of Shrouds can both conjure up a similar aesthetic...


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