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Seeking GM for solo Star Wars game: SAGA or D6

Seeking GM for solo Star Wars game: SAGA or D6

Hey all,

Last month or so has been mentally exhausitng due to work, but now that I have time free again and thins are returning to normal, I'm looking to try and get an idea off the ground that I'll be making a 3rd attempt at trying!

The premise: I'd like to play the capable apprentice (approx lvl 8 equivalent) of a Sith Lord, who undertakes training with them and performs tasks and errands across the galaxy at their behest.

The setting could be the Old Republic, the Order of the Sith Lords or even after the Original Trilogy. Thematically I like the mystical atmosphere of the Order of the Sith Lords/Palpatine's Theme to set the tone, as the character is going through their discovery of the Force, its Dark Side and mastery of themselves.

I like this quote to sum it up: “Remember why the Sith are more powerful than the Jedi, Sidious: because we are not afraid to feel. We embrace the spectrum of emotions, from the heights of transcendent joy to the depths of hatred and despair. Fearless, we welcome whatever paths the dark side sets us on, and whatever destiny it lays out for us.”

Anyway, that's enough of me rambling, is there any potential GM that'd be interested in running something like this? Either SAGA Edition or D6 is fine by me, with preference given to D6.

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