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When I was on the main page to check if any of the campaigns updated, I glanced on a thread named "Non-lawful unarme-", a thought entered me; "Fight Club" with a CE(or N) bard heavy on unarmed combat. So when I was looking for things to make it FUN, Draconic Claws would be coo' altogether. But then I encountered a problem:

Does Dracontouched count as Draconic Heritage or do you have to do something silly like picking Draconic Heritage AND Dracontouched just to be able to take Draconic Claws? That's a three-feat investment!

Sadly, Dragontouched is not a Draconic Heritage feat.

You could try sweet-talking your DM into allowing you to play a Draconic character, if you don't mind the +1 LA. +2 Str/Con/Cha, Darkvision, claws, and other goodies would make it a worthwhile pick for your concept.

Does anyone here really understand how create 'hardware' in Marvel Superheroes Advanced Player's Book ? I've read the various chapters on the subject and they still don't make any sense. Does someone know how to explain it in layman's terms? The 80's MSHRPG, Advanced Player's Book, chapter labeled "Hardware", page 65. Let me know if this is going to need it's own thread. Thanks for any help anyone can offer!

When using the alternative magic item creation rules in D&D 3.5: Is the final price the price for making the item, or its base price for being sold?

Originally Posted by Lucky number 13 View Post
When using the alternative magic item creation rules in D&D 3.5: Is the final price the price for making the item, or its base price for being sold?
Generally speaking, when you use the table in the DMG to estimate the price of an item, that's how much it would cost to buy it. Crafting the item would cost half as much gold plus the appropriate amount of XP.

My thanks, I assumed so but I had to make sure I wasn't making it up.

Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition DC Adventures.

In Hero's and Villains Volume 1, the Villianness Giganta is listed as having Growth 12, Magic, and Growth 4 Limited. If I wanted to build a character that could grow to her size (Give or take a couple of feet and a couple score pounds.), would I need 12 ranks in growth total, or 16?

Ok, D&D 3.5 question about Challenge Ratings and Encounter Levels. I have been operating on the assumption that an Encounter level is the same as a Challenge Rating for a single-creature encounter as far as XP awards go. Meaning, 5 CR1 creatures is a CR 5 Encounter, so that encounter would award the same amount of XP to the party as an encounter with 1 CR 5 foe. Is this correct or have I been misunderstanding something?

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