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Beyond the Camp Perimeter

Bethany is staying down; she doesn't dare to try any other stones, for fear of activating something that might hinder the defenders.

She gets as far away - and out of the line of fire - as she can from the creatures.

Kincaid's shot flies just over the creature's head, but Eileen's blasts are true. The first staggers the shaggy-coated beast, and the second drops it to the ground.

Bishop turns and fires, wounding the creature through its left fore-haunch and creating a spray of hot red blood against the white fur. Forsythe misses the beast, having to adjust her aim as Williams goes charging in. The young airman puts his assault rifle right up to the beast's furry head and fires once, blowing its brains out.

In the sudden quiet, Lockley hears a low moan coming from the direction of the nearby LP/OP where the first shot originated from.

"Good shot Major", Kincaid calls as he heads up to the ring, "I'll make sure she is ok if you want to check to make sure the others are ok."

Major Thorsson

Eileen knods in acknowledgement, although mentally, she's cursing herself for having wasted two precious pistol rounds when the zat brought the critter down. "Go and check on Dr. Jenkins, yes," she says, already turning to hustle in the direction of the main group, her senses alert in case there's any more of the critters about.

"Is anybody injured?" she calls, not having heard anything yet, herself...

James Lockley

"Move," Lockley orders his team turning back towards the LP/OP, "Skirmish line."

The Team starts bounding one at a time forward, using the trees as cover.

Kincaid moves quickly up the hill, "Dr. Jenkins are you ok?" Moving into the ring of stones he keeps his zat ready and looks around for the doctor. "Dr. Jenkins, where are you?"

Bishop scowls at the young fly boys foolish maneuverer but admits to himself that it was effective. He stays on one knee and sights in the other creatures head and face looking to
Dice Roll: 1d6
d6 Results: 5
finish it off as well.

Findy MacLean

Rather too late to be of much help, Findy comes running up to the major, her breath coming in ragged gasps-- clearly she's not used to running hard-- and holds out a belt containing a half-dozen canteens-turned-Molotov-cocktails. She bends over and sucks in air, trying to catch her breath enough to speak coherently.

Major Thorsson

Seeing Findy running in her direction, Eileen pauses, raising an eyebrow as she turns torwards the approaching woman, then notes the offered belt, accepting it. "Good work, MacLean," she says appreciatively. "Well done. Thank you."

Noticing that Lockley seems to have things in hand with his men, she turns her full attention to the exhausted engineer. "Let's get you back to the tents, before you catch hypothermia," she says, gently, but with the firm air of commmand, the woman's gasping and steaming in the cold air giving her cause for concern.

Findy MacLean

Findy waves a hand in the semi-universal "I'm all right" gesture. After a few more deep breaths she says, "I'm the picture of health, major. Just frightfully out of shape." She makes sure her sunglasses are seated properly on her face before standing upright again. "Still, we've got a boat to build, haven't we? May as well get back to the plans." She grins cheerfully at the major, and, although she's still breathing hard, she seems to have largely caught her breath back again.


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